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Thread: How do you know when to quit sewing for the day?????

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    I quit when I am exhausted or want to throw something right in the trash!

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    This afternoon I sewed the last strip together and then sewed that to the length of the quilt. Then I cut the border strips lengthwise to stabilize the squares. In my lights on idea moment, the pressing of the border every six inches appeared to be a good way to make sure the border is not wavy. By the time I had everything pressed, it was time to prepare dinner.... We'll see what happens tomorrow. You are so right about allowing myself extra time to complete a project. The bonus is that I have been sewing a little each day and enjoy the time without the pressure I had previously self-imposed. Yup, sometimes we can be our own worst enemies!

    Piecefully yours,

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    Quote Originally Posted by cindypierce View Post
    Yes I'd say it was time to take a break! When the joy becomes frustration I set mine aside to let my subconscious think about it and either go to bed or do something else. I usually have several things going at once. I crochet, quilt,knit and if I'm really aggravated I make bread. Pounding the bread dough makes me feel better and I have adifferent perspective when I go back to it.

    Cindy you could be my twin! I am exactly the same. Knitting seems to relax me and clear my mind and kneading (pounding) bread always helps when I get too frustrated (or when I was going through my divorce!! )

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    It's time for me to quit when I'm frogging the same seam for the second time!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Glenda m View Post
    The DH has said he will one day come in the sewing room, grab the back of my chair, wheel me into the bedroom and tip me into the bed. I'm still waitiing for that to happen. LOL
    lol, I thought you were going to say he would wheel you to the stove!
    That's what mine would do.
    He'd get an Al-Kabong on the head if he did, but you know how they just lose their minds sometimes

    As for the border and not being crazy about the fabric...can you do a pieced border?
    It doesn't have to be a lot of small pieces.
    You could do what I call: going around the corners, pieces - in one color, and connect them in the middles, with another color/print.
    That would take about 8 pieces.
    Or do four different colored borders...I can think of lots of ways to change it up till you get something you like more.
    One of my favorites is to applique on two diagonal corners to give a "lift" to the not-so-liked border fabric.
    It is a blessing, to be a blessing !
    ~Quilters are warm people!!!~
    cheese brings parties together


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    How do you know when to quit sewing for the day?

    I thought that I would give you an update on the homespun quilt that I had fussed over at the beginning of this thread.

    I found several yards of a neat, small print, in just the perfect color simply waiting for me in my stash. I used this on the top's border. The back was wider than the width of two lengths of the fabric so I made an accent panel to center in the back lengthwise. I used 6.5 in by 15 in strips of several of the homespun plaids from the front, to create a finished strip about 6 in by 14.5 in. Since I was so pleased with the results.......the project is now at my friend's studio to be quilted.

    Now, I am going through other WIP, PHD, and UFO selections to decide what to do with each. I am almost through with a multicolored scrap Jacob's ladder for a charity donation. I should be able to quilt this myself on my machine. Four years ago when I was arranging the colors, blocks, etc. I had no comprehension of planning for a secondary design!
    Therefore, some of the extra 4 patch blocks and half-square triangles will be repurposed in an entirely different project.
    Tonight, I am a happy, relaxed camper.....................:-)
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