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Thread: How many of these Charity quilts do you do???

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    Junior Member sandyquilts's Avatar
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    Feb 2011
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    The last 2 yrs I have not done many due to poor health. I did donate 11 quilts and 24 pillowcases to McDonald House in Morgantown, WV this year. In 2009 I donated 48 quilts (40x60) to a number of groups. I've done QOV. In Jan/Feb I'm in a little group of a dozen or so and we make as many pillowcases as possible. I like doing charity work but at the moment I'm not able to do much. No one should feel they have to donate, it's a personal thing in my opinion.

    EDIT: I do want to add that the 48 quilts in 2009 were very simple quilts .... mostly strippy quilts from http://maryquilts.com freebies. I'm not that fast but her strippy quilt is super fast.
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    Senior Member leighway's Avatar
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    Apr 2011
    N. Atlanta, GA
    Quote Originally Posted by Peckish View Post
    Passage Quilts is an organization that gives quilts to terminally ill patients at one of our local hospitals. After the patient passes, the quilt is given to the family. I do not know if it's a national organization or just local. The one I've donated to is run through the pastoral program at the hospital. I attended a Saturday Sew-In for Passage Quilts a while back and took a bunch of pictures of the quilters, the quilts, and some of the thank-you notes. One of the ones I remember most vividly was a quilt made of pieced cat blocks that a woman had made while grieving for her husband. She donated the top. It was quilted, bound, and placed in the chapel's quilt room. A man came into the hospital and was offered his choice of a quilt. He declined at first. Later, in a conversation with a nurse, he expressed how much he missed his cat. She went to the chapel and brought him this quilt, make of cat blocks. He loved it.

    One of the quilters I met that day told me that SHE had been the recipient of a Passage Quilt. Her brother had been ill, and after he passed, someone put the quilt in the dryer to warm it up. Then it was wrapped around her and she was told that it was a warm hug from him. She said she closed her eyes, the quilt still had her brother's scent on it and she could actually feel his hug.
    Aaarrrgh....now you have me crying! This would be the charity I'd be interested in...

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    Super Member kydeb's Avatar
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    Mar 2011
    I usually make 3 to 6 charity quilts a month - mostly for the local QFK Chapter. I always have a few in the works. I also make some of my Quilt Guild - usually 1 or 2 a month every couple of months. I do them because I like making kids quilts!
    Debbie in Kentucky

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    Super Member GrannieAnnie's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by justflyingin View Post
    I guess I'm dense, but what was the problem--that no one wanted to hand quilt anymore (and some thought that you should) or the fact that you machine quilted but some didn't like it? If no one wanted to hand quilt, then who would complain?

    I personally appreciate both hand quilting and machine quilting, but honestly, I prefer machine. However, my dd actually prefers hand quilting! (she's 21)
    "our mothers hand quilted the quilts we raffled"----------------followed by some "how dare you's" and "if you want machine quilting, buy your quilt at Wal-mart". Plus a lot more. And a couple weeks ago-------"this quilt (one someone MAY donate) will be hand quilted. I'll find someone to do it!" Our quilters are tired and want to be REtired. Even our retired head quilter sends stuff out from time to time. If these other folks would just shut up and not have their little rants in front of me or prospective buyers, I'd not care.

    And I don't get any thanks-----------not that I really need it----------for piecing the quilts. (and buying fabric, and deciding designs, and cutting, and sewing, and finding batting, and finding backing, and getting the gambline permit, and printing the raffle tickets and selling the raffle tickets.........................) I get some help, but about 5 times as much mouth as help.
    Bad Spellers of the World
    U N T I E

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    I started a quilt group 10 years ago we meet once a month for our regular club meeting and last winter we added a day to do charity quilts monthly. We work hard and work longer on our charity quilt day. We have all donated a lot of money/supplies to date. I encourage you to get involved if you are not. Every day I give I am blessed. Last winter I made 18 tops before we started all that time I was so excited to start another quilt.

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    Senior Member diamondee's Avatar
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    Upstate NY
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    Expecting someone to do charity work because they quilt? Would you go to a restaurant expecting a free meal because they can cook?
    ​We can't help everyone, But everyone can help someone.

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    Jan 2011
    Charleston, WV
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    I make pillowcases for the local hospitals. I would say I made about 50 pillowcases last year and I just this week I bought 33 yards of material to make more. I feel it is my duty to volunteer to help others and this is the least I can do.

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    Senior Member PlanoDebbie's Avatar
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    Jul 2012
    Plano, TX
    I discovered Project Linus a few weeks ago and have completed 5 quilt kits plus one of my own for them so far. Also made a Mardi Gras quilt for my daughter's High School band silent auction. About to begin a t-shirt quilt for the school that I work for. All of my kids went through this school, and two of them were in the band here. I asked our band director back in August if he would ask each section (tubas, clarinets, percussion etc) if they would order one extra "section" shirt to donate to a t-shirt quilt. Hopefully I will get the last few shirts this week to begin the quilt. They are going to sell raffle tickets at their annual Spaghetti Supper concert fund-raiser. We have 230 kids in our band, so I'm hoping that our band makes $1000+ from the quilt raffle.

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    Suring, Wisconsin
    Enjoy making quilts and pillowcases for different groups. It just seems it is the thing to do. Make quilts for soldiers, pillowcases and Christmas stockings for children in the hospital, and now for hospice patients. My family is grown and made each of them at least one and probably 2 quilts so with time on my hands, like to make quilts for people who will use them. I am blessed and need to give back.

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    May 2007
    I have been making small (18"x18") quilts for "Threads of Love". They make kits for premies, whether they survive or not. Kits include cards, journals, hand made clothing, and either a small quilt or crocheted or knitted blanket. One man even makes caskets for those who do not survive. They may put more than the items mentioned in the kits. I wouldn't know, as I'm not involved in making up the kits. I just make the little quilts and give them to my neighfor who is a member of the organization. As to how many I've made, I don't know - dozens.
    Happy quilting Grandma

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