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Thread: I AM SO PUMPED! Antique Singer Treadle in cabinet . . .

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    Oct 2007
    NW Ohio
    i just couldn't wait until we get home to share my excitement! we were in virginia at my Cousin's house a few days ago. She built a house on the property next to what was my Grandparents house (where my mom grew up). the old house is still standing, but they use it for storage (sad, but true). i was nosing around on sunday while they were at church looking through the windows and what did i spy but my Grandmother's sewing machine just inside the window!

    mom asked later that day if it was still there (i had tipped her off :wink: ) and Cindy said YES! it is rightfully my mom's (both of her sisters have passed away) and she (Cindy nor my mom) has no use for it so they are going to dig it out and next May when we come home from her daughter's wedding i get to bring it with me!

    it really is a mess (has bird poop and some mild water damage), but i'm still really excited! Mom is pretty sure it is a Singer. She learned to sew on it. Said when she was learning, and would accidentally peddle backwards, the thread would snap and she'd get her hand slapped (and her sister would laugh!).

    please think positive thoughts for me that they can get it out of the house in one piece, that it will fit in my taurus X, and that it will be in good enough condition that i can have it refinished/refurbished!

    i'm so excited!

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    Feb 2008
    What a thought of having something given to you by one that is so dear...hope that you will get it running in do time....Good Luck...ENJOY and CHERISH...

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    Power Poster sewnsewer2's Avatar
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    May 2008
    Congrats! I hope the machine itself is in good condition.

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    Mar 2007
    Knob Noster, MO
    Wow what a great find. I have both of my Grandmothers Singer wooden cabnets. They both have electric machines in them but I love the fact that I have one from each side of the family. The funny thing is I got both of them before I started quilting. I was a teenager when my Fathers Mom passed and no one wanted the sewing machine. I was going to be taking a class in home ec the next year in school and I asked my dad to get it for me. No one was even thinking about the cabnet that it was in. Then when we moved my Mom's Mom into the nursing home about 8 years ago they started selling off her stuff and Mom asked me what I wanted. I said that I wanted her sewing machine since I had my other Grandma's. So anyway to make a really long story short. I have both of these and didn't start quilting until about 2 years ago. I think that maybe God was trying to tell me something and it just took a little while to soak in.

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    Super Member zyxquilts's Avatar
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    Dec 2006
    So. California
    That is so cool fabricluvr!! Congratulations!

    We had a speaker at our guild a few months ago, Donna Kohler, who sews all of her quilts on treadle or hand crank machines! I know that she refurbished her machines, so maybe if you need some help or parts, she could point you in the right direction. Her website is www.treadlelady.com She was on Simply Quilts at least once also, so there's probably a video clip on hgtv.

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    Super Member ScubaK's Avatar
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    Aug 2007
    South Puget Sound, Wa. State
    I will have to contact Donna Kohler...
    I have my Grandmothers White sewing machine which is a treadle and I learned to sew on it.
    My mother had a singer and I used that as well but the Whites was mine and I could play with all the fancy (1930s) feet...
    I made a couple of dresses and plenty of other stuff on that machine.
    As I write this I can smell the oil, the button drawer...oh yum

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    Super Member quiltwoman's Avatar
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    Feb 2008
    North Carolina
    That is so cool! I think they made things that lasted back then. :-)
    I picture you driving down the interstate with it tied on top of the car. I'd do anything to get that machine.

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    Apr 2008
    SW AL
    mondo cool... I have a Singer Redeye 66 treadle...

    There are several yahoo groups that cater to us old Singer freaks...

    I have the 66 treadle, 2 301s (which I use for quilting) a Featherweight, a 401. a 237, a 328k (which is residing out in the shed because yuk), a 185, plus an XL1000 :roll: (my embroidery machine)

    there are lots of 'old singer' repairmen on those lists who can give you great advice, put you in touch with people with bits and pieces you might need, etc

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    May 2008
    How cool!

    We had a Singer that belonged to my grandmother, probably from the 30's as well. I used it for a while after I took Home Ec in school. I'll have to see if my parents still have it somewhere as I've been thinking about it lately. i seem to remember them asking me about it years ago, tho, and me saying I didn't want it. I hope they didn't toss it!

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    Senior Member Roben's Avatar
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    Mar 2008
    SW IA
    Another good site for info on refurbishing treadle machines is NeedleBar:
    I've learned a lot from reading there; I have a Redeye that I want to restore someday.

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