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Hey everyone, thanks for your input all of it is great advice. Rebecca your suggestion about the tension control was the that got me back on track. My machine does the tension automatically and I had messes with it thinking that it had to be all the way over also which wasn't the case, it worked just perfect between the 4 and 5 also. I appreciate all the advice about the actual movement while stippling, I have found that for me the machine needs to be going fairly fast while I move the fabric slow and steady, and Kathy your right about the sideways motion. I made a Turning Twenty quilt to practice on since they are so quick and easy just to practice on, I didn't want to try or experiment on something I had put alot of time and effort on. It is certainly jerky here and there but you "have to practice" to get better. I have practiced alot on small pieces but it was a whole new ball game when I put a full size quilt under the needle and tried to swisk it around, lol! Jo, thanks for the comment on my avatar! :P That is my grandson Owen and our last dog Pete!
I too have a Viking/Husqvarna and I find I need a good fast pace and a slow and steady movement of my piece. Glad to hear it is working again!