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Thread: I want to Cry

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    Member hisgrace1's Avatar
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    Jul 2012
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    I want to Cry

    I am trying to make a quilt for my future son-in-laws mother for Christmas and it has been so stressful the whole way...I just want to throw it in the fire....I have it almost done with so many mistakes.......and now I have this problem and don't know what to do...I was doing a stitch in the ditch but now I see where the fabric has came loose...I tried hand stitching but it looked horrible so I ripped it out.....what do I do....I have tried to post a picture but can't upload one

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    Super Member nygal's Avatar
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    Jul 2012
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    I would set it aside for at least one day then try to fix it or maybe rethink my gift idea to them for this year.
    When it seems like the world is falling to pieces remember that the pieces are falling into place. We are nearing closer to the End Times.

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    Can you possibly slip a little fusible web underneath the gap, smooth it into place, iron it down, and then quilt over it?

    Don't despair, there's always a way!
    People who start projects and never finish them are cooler
    than people who never start projects at all.


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    I assume when you say "the fabric has come loose" that you mean a seam has opened? If not, please explain.

    How did you baste it? Pins? Hand thread baste? Spray baste?

    Where in the quilt is the open seam? Near the center? Near the edge?
    How long is the open part of the seam??

    If it's pinned or hand basted, I would remove as much of the basting as possible to gently pull the block up so you can hand stitch it. If it's near the edge (within 8 or 10") and you've not quilted the edge yet - you might be able to remove the basting to the edge to get your hand under it to get the seam sewn. Work slowly, you can do it!!

    If it's spray or glue basted .... more difficult.

    Does the overall design of the quilt allow for you to applique something over the open seam ... even if you put another of the same applique in the other end of the quilt to make it symmetrical?? If not ... you can stitch it closed with quilting - making sure that you catch both edges of fabric (one should be folded under the other - stitch close to the seam line) and use smaller stitches. It should hold.
    May your stitches always be straight, your seams always lie flat, and your grain never be biased against you.


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    When I started quilting I would find my fabric coming apart at some seams. After taking the seam out I could tell I didn't sew both sides of the fabric 1/4". One side was barely caught in the seam. I've learned to be very sure my fabric is lined up straight as I sew seams. I also learned that the bad quality fabric I used for some pieces was fraying and pulling out of the seam. I make sure all my fabric is good quality. I have tossed many a started quilt in the trash because of nothing but frustration and mess ups. I have learned that every step is important to a good finish. It won't even out, it won't quilt out and it will be noticeable. Buy her a nice box of chocolates and make another quilt for her birthday.
    Got fabric?

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    I so sense your frustrations. I think too for your own sake you need to do something else this year and do a quilt for her some other time. You will always be thinking of that less-than-perfect quilt in her house! (I know - I was in a rush to finish a baby quilt and I took too many shortcuts and was less than satisfied with the end product. I so wish I had given her something else for the shower and worked on a quilt for the baby's birth!)

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    Senior Member Patti25314's Avatar
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    Jul 2012
    threading a needle or pulling a weed
    What about trying to put some decorative stitches in?

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    Senior Member PABerard's Avatar
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    Oct 2010
    I have used the webbing also and it worked out quite well!
    Don't cry though. NO ONE will even notice the spot. Unless less of course you cry all over it! LOL!
    Good luck, you still have lots of time until Christmas. And your gift is very generous!

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    Jun 2011
    Fuse the area where the stitching has come loose. If you find you can't machine stitch i.e stitch in the ditch you can hand tie the quilt. It is quick and easily done

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    Super Member grammysharon's Avatar
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    Can you applique a piece of fabric over the problem, then continue quilting???
    A quilt is a blanket of love. Sharon

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