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Thread: Impressed with freecycle

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    Quote Originally Posted by Justamom410 View Post
    Since I'm new to quilting, and I know how expensive fabric is...I posted on my local freecycle board looking for anyone willing to part with scraps for me to practice on. One lady offered me a bag of her "scraps" and when I picked it up off her porch, I was pleasantly surprised to see that it wasn't just scraps. I must have walked away with 20+ yards of different fabrics. Some only a a few inches, but others had a few yards. Not all of them are patterns I would have chosen myself, but hey...it was free and it's for practice!

    Just had to share!
    Hi Justamom,
    Welcome to the QB, you will love it.
    As for your fabric find, I'm doing the HAPPY DANCE for you.
    You talked about some of the patterns on the fabric are not things you would have picked, you will find that as you start making blocks with your new finds you might change your mind. I've found that some of the fabric I thought was more to my grandmothers taste, ended up making some of the best looking quilts. Remember after it's cut up and then put back together with other fabrics, it becomes something else.
    Good luck and have fun, fun, fun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tashana View Post
    Great! I love recycling of any kind. My two neighbors and I recycle clothes among or kids (7 altogether) and all are different sizes. It is not unusual that one jacket gets worn by three kids. When the biggest grows out of it goes to the next in line.
    Your pic is really cute!!!
    Love 4 stchen

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    Quote Originally Posted by bluteddi View Post
    I lurk on freecyles here locally.. usually it hasnt' been too good of pickings... I try to be specific of what I am seeking ( heck I even use blends and knits) sheets or scrpas are fine....but say up front I can NOT use clothing 4-5 times I've ended up with junk clothing that I would not even take to Good will......
    I have used freecycle in other ares with grand results..... you just never know what your gonna get...

    I recycle anything and eveything I can....

    make do
    buy less
    bluteddi, you're my kind of people! During the depression, in the 30's, people said, "Use it up, Wear it out, Make it do, Or do without." We need to do more of that. I use scraps that most people wouldn't think of saving. It just has to be a nice color and decent fabric.

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    Well, hmm I had never heard of "Freecycle" and sure enough we do have one in Phoenix, am browsing thru it now.

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    Good find! I used to use freecycle quite a bit. Found some really helpful things. Got an Xray box that was in a dr. office and it makes a great light box for tracing. One lady gave me a big bunch of quilt magazines. Lucked out on a bag of ultra suede one time. Went for a bag of scraps and fabric one time and it ended up being mostly junk but guess you get a lemon every now and then. It's a great idea but there are weirdos out there. My dd got involved with one of them. Lady wanted a vase dd had posted and it was already gone. She kept emailing and wanting "her" vase. Finally had to report her. But I've met some really nice people too.

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    I use freecycle often! I have received many wonderful donations of fabric for my Linus Projects.
    In turn I have put up quilting magazines, books, fabrics that I wouldn't use in quilting. I got rid of yard chairs and picked up a great leaf blower for my son who had just bought a house.

    I will not open the door to anyone- I just leave the items on the front steps
    Also there are some neighborhoods I would not go into to pick things up.
    One has to be very careful these days- Sad isn't It?

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    What a good idea you had. Good for you.

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    I had a lot of scraps and yardage that I wasn't going to use and posted on freecycle. Met a very nice woman (I'm her husbands best friend, she very seldom goes to JoAnn's anymore). I always send her an email to give her first dibs on anything fabric related, she along with other women from her church make a lot of charity quilts. We keep in touch by email very often now too, even about other things.

    I have received many useful things also, 13 unopened bags of queen size batting sold at JoAnn's, thicker batting on the rolls, lots of fabric, books, templates, a pvc frame (which I gave to a friend who hand quilts) one of the craft tables sold at JoAnn's just to name a few.

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    Thanks to the generous lady that gave them to you.
    Freedom is costly and quilting keeps us busy...

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    Good for you. There are some very nice people out there and so many willing to help.

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