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Thread: Log Cabin Christmas Trees?

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    Junior Member elseebee's Avatar
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    Dec 2010

    Log Cabin Christmas Trees?

    Just before Christmas I was in a LQS when I spotted a beautiful log cabin quilt hanging on the wall. It had little Christmas trees on it and I thought it was gorgeous. I asked the store owner what it was and if she had the pattern for me to buy. She got all pouty (her usual mode- why I don't shop there often)and said it was from an Eleanor Burns book which she'd sold out of and that she was mad because everyone bought the pattern but didn't sign up for the class! She walked off and wouldn't give me any more help. (See why I don't like to shop there?)

    Does anyone have any idea of what this pattern might be or even if it is by Eleanor Burns? I figured y'all would be much more helpful than the shop witch!

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    Super Member pattypurple's Avatar
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    Jonesborough TN
    Just Googled Eleanor Burns log cabin Christmas tree and got this
    http://www.amazon.com/Log-Cabin-Chri...22705291Sounds like a good reason to shop online if she is the only shop around
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    Senior Member rush88888's Avatar
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    leland nc
    if she would only have waited to put the books or patterns out when the class was over!
    sorry i can't help you with the pattern, though.

    the link given above doesn't work because "sounds" is part of the link. get rid of that part, and the link should work. personally, i can't copy and paste the correct part of the link. what you have to do is click on the link, and when the amazon error page comes up, you have to manually delete the word "sounds" from the address.
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    Good grief. I wonder if she was the one teaching the class!

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    Super Member Justquilting's Avatar
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    Too bad store owners that act like that would only know what a turnoff that is for customers. I stopped going to a quilt shop because of it.....no matter how far the others are...it's worth going elsewhere. Good luck finding the book.
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    Power Poster QuiltE's Avatar
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    This is the link above ... corrected

    Is this the one you are looking for?

    However, you mentioned trees, so I am wondering if there were several of these in the quilt? or if it is something else?

    Perhaps if you were to say where you saw the quilt others from that locale might know the specific pattern. (city and/or state/province/etc. if you don't want to say the LQS name)
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    Pouty store owner! LOL. Why do small shop owners think everyone will just shove money in their pockets because the door is open? I can't begin to tell you have many 'store owners' I have told "I won't give you any of my money for anything you sell because of your attitude, justified or not. I'll buy online where there is no attitude."

    Here is the pattern for sale: http://www.quiltinaday.com/shoponlin...play.asp?i=667 for $6.95 brand new.
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    Okay, I wouldn't shop there EVER!!! This shop would never see me or my debit card ever again!!!
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    I went to a LQS once in another town, about 30 minutes away because we only have Walmart here. I saw a quilt on the wall and liked the pattern. Because I can get as many patterns as I will ever need online for free, I rarely buy one. Anyway, I was taking notes about the quilt so I could try it at home and boy did I get some dirty looks from the clerks. No one said anything, but I felt really creepy. Must be a no-no to do that. Haven't been back there, maybe if I wait another year they won't remember me.

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