for those of you who are interested in that thread that was around $3.00 a large spool - it came today. so what was that? maybe three days? not bad. but as we agreed the shipping was outrageous. the box did weigh three pounds + for four spools. :?
i haven't used it yet, but i can feel that it is very smooth. it feels strong.
my manufacturer reccomends 30 or 40 weight, preferably 30, so this is much thinner. but i can always use it for sewing. the natural isn't that much darker than the white. i would call it cream. i expected light beige or light tan. also, there is no statement included in the box. it's a good thing i printed one out, as they suggest, but really. :cry:
it does feel a lot better than what i was using so maybe the stitches will stop laddering. i hope. :roll:
any other questions? :?: i'll try to keep you posted. i'm just cutting the quilt that i will use it on. sister's choice, for my sister. :lol: