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Thread: Magazines for Beginner's

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    Magazines for Beginner's

    I am very new to quilting. I have started a jelly roll quilt but I haven't gotten the top finished. It has been a rather crazy week. I went to Barnes and Noble trying to find quilting magazines and there are a lot! I was wondering if someone could suggest a couple different magazines that are good for beginners.

    I did the thing with Quilt World where they send you a free issue and then you can decide to subscribe if you like it. I haven't gotten it yet. I love to read but haven't learned all the "quilting lingo" so they need to be good for rank beginners lol!


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    My two favorites are Better Homes and Gardens and McCalls
    I think Quilmaker might be a good beginner mag.

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    there are plenty of other quilting magazines that will send you a free copy. when you are at the book store, check inside the magazine for an unattached postcard-sized paper that you can use to mail away for that magazine. also, when looking at the quilts inside the magazines, most of them indicate which ones are "safe" for beginners. good luck in your journey.

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    When I got started, I liked "Quick Quilts." I always found (and sometimes still do) Fons and Porter too hard for me. Also Quilter's Newsletter, at times.

    Hope that helps!
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    I love Quiltmakers. Not only do they have patterns and colorways but quilting motifs that were used.

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    Grab a magazine that has easy and quick patterns. I rarely buy them because there is so much on line but I used to buy them when I was starting out. Also, you may want to look at tutorials posted here or even better play with your own design which I found reduces frustration by a lot. And if I may add a helpful hint with which some quilters may not agree don't get yourself worked up over 1/4" seam just yet. Work on your seams being consistent width. Once you have the consistency conquered you will be able to make your seams 1/4". This is why I say go with your own simple design.

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    Quilter's World & McCall's Quick Quilts is are great magazines I love
    them both.

    There are several magazines that list at the beginning of each
    pattern it is a easy/beginner, intermediate, or experienced pattern.
    Also there are some that don't give the details like that.

    Buy different magazines a couple times to see if you can get a "feel"
    for liking one over another. At least until you become more familiar to
    the differences and know what interests you more.

    The first year I was quilting I bought about 4 quilting magazines (not all at once)
    for that first year to see if I was drawn to one over another. I ended up getting
    my subscriptions to Quilter's World, McCall's Quilting, BH&G Quilting. Over the
    years though I have added MANY magazines both print & digital to my list of
    I am giving some thought to letting MANY of them expire especially the ones
    that I have a digital access to.
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    Check out your local library. They may have different magazines you can check out and you can make a decision from that. Also, check out what quilting books they have. I do think Quiltmakers is a good beginner magazine.

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    The Colony, TX
    I have found that I am not really interested in subscribing to any particular magazine. I know that you get a better price, but have the time there isn't anything I am interested in so the "better" price really isn't such a good deal. I usually look at the newstand and if there is something that really interests me will buy that particular magazine. I think you may get a better deal looking at the Library or investing that money in a good Begining Quilting Book. I believe that Better Homes and Gardens has a good one and also Quilter's complete Guide by Fons & Porter, I started with the Art of Classic Quiltmaking by Harriet Hargrave.

    These books will give you the information needed to get started and will be a resource to refer back to, I still after 15 years use mine for things the mind just can't remember

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    There are sooo many quilting magazines and books. If you are on a budget I'd suggest sharing a subscription with a quilting 'buddy' or two. You can also try some used book stores as they might have some.

    Personally I go to Barnes & Noble have a pretty coffee on my son's account and read the magazines not in plastic while sipping away at the coffee. My quilting buddies and I also share our magazines.

    Have fun quilting! If it isn't fun, you will miss a lot.

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