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Thread: Oh! What Did I Do?

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    Oh! What Did I Do?

    Genesee Valley Guilt Guild is having their quilt show the end of May. One of their members belongs to our guild and saw an applique quilt I made. She wanted me to enter it in the show but after thinking about it I decided not to. Then we got an e-mail that they only had 400 quilts to show and wanted 600. I caved in and sent in the registration form to show it. I do not want it judged. I am really waffling about showing it. I am very proud of this quilt and I am afraid if I hear a negative comment about it, it will ruin how I feel about quilting. All of the quilts at this show are so different and all so beautiful in their own way. I hope I am not asking for touble.

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    Awwwww......my vote ......if there is a chance you will feel bad pull the quilt from the show. Some people love to show quilts...I am not one of them, because of same reasons you are apprehensive. If you do enter let it roll off your back you did not make the quilt to compete. I can tell one thing....many people will enjoy looking at it!

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    I entered a quikt in our guild show. I procrastinated and ended up spending a few sleepless nights finishing "the beast". I know I washed it, I know I checked it for threads but I was a complete zombie. I have a week to wait to get judges comments. I know it is going to be disaster, but I am hoping they are going to tell me something that I do not know about my quilting, areas that I need to improve on. You do what your heart tells you, but for me, constructive criticism is welcome (most of the time . Good luck!

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    The one time I entered a quilt in a show I was crushed when I got my (grade). I do quilting for me, family, and friends. They like what I do. My advice to you is, if you do enter your quilt, throw away the evaluation sheet before you read it.

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    If you are proud of it then show it off! Anyone that says something negative, they're just jealous.

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    If you love your quilt no negative comment should influence you! That being said I have a quilt traveling in the Quilt Inc shows In Full Bloom Exhibit! It is a Juried Exhibit!It was really hard to send that quilt off for a year. I love it and could not imagine it being lost or damaged. But I did it. I was so proud to stand by my quilt in Houston. Be proud to stand next to your quilt. Answer questions and be a Queen for a day. If someone does not like it, Let them eat cake! Enjoy the process. I have 3 more quilts going into my guild show and yes they will be judged. Luann
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    Our guild lets you enter a quilt in the show with an option of not having it judged. Maybe you can call the committee and ask. I did this one year because it was for someone else and I had borrowed it back for the show. Now, I wish I had it judged, hindsight you know. But please put it in, obviously someone already thought it was very nice to ask you to show it. I already know the problems so I know what to expect on the "need to work on things". You might be pleasantly surprised on what the judge has to say.

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    I could never dream of entering any of my quilts in a judged show, so I understand your feeling. Just wanted to add, I can't wait for the show. Last time I spent a full 2 days looking at quilts and spending money with the vendors. It is an awesome show.
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    Well, you can always throw away the page without reading it. Last Wednesday was the first meeting at our quilt guild after the bi-annual quilt show. Some brought their quilts and judges report to our show and tell, these were all winning quilts but judges "needed" to find something to criticize. So if you read their critique, think that is one judge's opinion about your skills and they don't always see the "purpose" you wanted to achieve.
    :-( I wish I was a full time quilter!
    Andrea (Margate, FL)

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    IMHO, I know I'm not that great a quilter and usually know exactly what torture I put a quilt through to get it finished. I love to enter even my most lowly quilt and stand right in front of it and condemn it right along with everyone and they never know it is my quilt. I will also do the reverse and praise one of my better works. All anonymous of course.

    I just can't be serious about others peoples judgements of me or my work. How do they know I'm not a one armed, one eyed paraplegic. Life is to short. (This is not saying people with any situation in their life can't accomplish great work or that it shouldn't be expected of those that work around the norm).

    I would also bet that all these award winning quilts that travel around the world are made by people who see all their mistakes and can't even imagine how it could win any award. This is me choking!

    have fun, you know how wonderful your quilt is to you.
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    no act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted. Aesop

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