I love my previously loved 830!!! The dealer told me it was manufactured 2/09 but according to the serial number it's actually 5/10.

I had a new 220 that I traded for a previously loved 440QE and now to the 830. My dealer is really good about previously loved machines. They give it a great once and twice over then they offer a 1 year warranty on it.

Only problem I've had with it was the needle position and the #26 foot. I was trying to embroidery and the foot came off and broke the needle. Come to find out the needle wasn't centered and they repaired that and replaced the foot free of charge. When I got ready to use the large hoop the adjustment rod was striped and they replaced it at no charge.

I don't know that I would have gone with a brand new 830 that had just come out but I'm tickled with my previously loved one!