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Thread: Quilt storage

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    Quilt storage

    I have quilts on all the beds, some in closets, and some in a trunk. The ones that are folded get unfolded and refolded at least once a year. I try to change the quilts on the beds at least once a month. But I have so many quilts that I am running out of storage room. I give away most of my quilts but there are a few I can't part with no matter what (Dear Jane comes to mind).

    I read on Leah Day's blog recently that she takes foam pool noodles, covers them with muslin, and the rolls her quilts on them. She said the noodles and quilts rolled up stand up in her closet which makes good sense to me. Have any of you ever used this technique? And are there other good ideas for storage that I haven't thought of?

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    Don't store them in a cedar chest unless you wrap them in acid free paper.They will pick up the oil in the wood and leave brown spots on your quilt.

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    A few time a year I refold my quilts. I have not considered the "noodle" method as my quilts would still need to have at least one fold.. so that would mean having to refold anyway.
    The bed in my guest room is about 6 deep in quilts so I don't have to refold those.

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    Standing up in a closet sounds good except we will find an occasional cricket on the closet floor. I think they will chew on fabric. Maybe someone here knows for sure.

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    I have many of mine gently folded on top of our guest room armoire. Some are on a quilt rack and all of my wall hangings are folded on top of cabinets in my studio when not hung up for display in my home.
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    I have my quilts stored on a carpet cardboard 8 foot roll. I made a sleeve out of several layers of a well washed white sheet. I put the heavy duty roll into the sleeve and sewed across the open end. I rolled my quilts up on it and wrap another white sheet around the outside. The roll stands up nicely in the corner of my spare closet. Leah's poolnoodle system is great also if you have shelves o place them on. Her way is nice and light for using when traveling with quilts or wallhangings so they don't wrinkle.

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    I fold mine, but I don't fold them square. I fold them triangular.

    Many years ago, this method was posted in QNM. The author stated that because of the way batting is made, it is much easier to get permanent crease lines horizontally and vertically than it is diagonally.

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    Wow. I am fairly new to quilting, thanks for all the info!

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    I believe Judy Martin, the quilter, has also used the roll technique before she started the super huge remodel of her home a couple of years ago.


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