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Thread: Quilts as moving blankets

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    I make my quilts to be used for people. Okay, some people think of their animals as people so I am okay with that. $12 a yard and hours later means the rocks are on their own. I would be mad if one of my quilts was used as a rag. Sorry you had to see the abuse. It would have made me ill too.
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    I know how you feel. I rescued one from the back of a pick up truck with some garbage. It was stained but an old hand made quilt that I still have.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nammie to 7 View Post
    Some people certainly don't know what treasures they have! I'm very careful who I give quilts to - but learned that once you give it away you really can't think about it anymore - it is no longer yours. One could just weep at the (lack of) care our treasures are given.
    I agree some people just do not understand the thought and time that goes into a quilt. I am picky, too.

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    Next time I am near a bag of cookies I will join in the sympathy party. I am also assumming that the boulder bumpers were those Chinese mass produced quilts that they could not sell due to the poor workmanship.


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    I made a quilt for my DGS when he was small. His dad used to cover a greasy motor, the next one I made him was when he graduated from high school and explained to him why he had to wait so long to get his quilt. His dad asked him if he could use his new quilt, he said NO and explained why. May I mention he has been offered 1500 hundred dollars for it and he turned it down, saying " my grandma made this for me n u don't have enough money to buy it". Made me feel good, I'll eat some Fritos for you.

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    Peggi, seeing quilts used to cushion boulders would have sent any one of us here racing for the cookie bag. How appalling!

    I know that sometimes people make quilts intending that they can be used for dogs or at the beach. Also, at a certain point in a heavily used quilt's life it will get so worn out that this is appropriate. I just gave my daughter permission to use a quilt I made for her as a car and picnic blanket. She was the one who was shocked over the idea. On the other hand, I'm making her a new one now that is so labor intensive and the fabrics so expensive that I would hope it would never reach that point.

    Quote Originally Posted by Butterflyblue View Post
    ......But to soak up spills on a garage floor, or to cushion boulders is not use, but abuse in my book. But once a quilt is out of our hands, it's out of our hands. I try to think of it a sort of spiritual discipline, letting go and not getting too attached to material things.
    Amanda that is a really profound way to think about it!
    Lara B.
    ... My husband lets me buy all the fabric I can hide.


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    I made my daughter a quilt specially made for a picnic or beach blanket. It was a very simple design made from used fabric. When I gave it to her she decided it was way too precious to ever take it on the beach. So now it is on her bed along with another quilt I made.

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    You know --- some people!!! Don't know what they have!!!!!!!! I once found an old white chenille bedspread used in a move - my son's friend. Ya think I grabbed it? Bet I did.!!. It had some tears but used it for many things.....
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    I've make my dogs their own quilts and I plan on making a beach quilt, but there are some quilts that definitly are not either.

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    I definitely know first hand the pain of having a quilt used other than for the purpose intended. I've mentioned a couple times on this board quilts I've made for others only to find them used for dog whelping beds with puppy poop and urine and everything else from the female dog giving birth (quilt was meant for human baby) and diaper bag was eventually used for cat who gave birth in it. It went into the trash after that. I spent a lot of time on both. I made my own 3 dogs (if you want to call them ) qullts (whole cloth) out of scrap material from old curtains. The quilts for the baby was not made to be used for pets. if one wants something for the beach then make one for the beach. I personally wouldn't want the sand in my washer. I cringe when I see quilts used for other unintended purposes. I think it's disrespectful. IMHO.

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