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Thread: Scraps- how small is too small.

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    I have two big scrap containers under my cutting table. One for tiny pieces and one for larger pieces. I use out of it as I want but don't make a point of using the scraps just to be using them. When the bin gets over flowing I bag the scraps and take to guild. Everyone has fun going through the scrap fabric and I come home with a small bag of scraps that look great once I see them out of the bin and then I start all over. LOL
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    Love to paperpiece so I save all scraps. My avatar is made with 1-inch and 1 X 2 inch pieces ironed onto fusible interfacing then sewn. i have 2 in my albums just made with 1-inch squares.
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    The question of how small is too small is one we can only answer ourselves. If you paper piece or like to do small blocks, then you would want to keep smaller scraps. If you only do bigger blocks, them gift your smaller pieces to someone who will use them. I used to save every single piece, including pieces from other quilters from my group. It was crazy! I have a friend who is helping me. Also, we need to take into consideration how much space we have for storing. Not a lot of space means that we can't save as much as we might want.
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    I do a lot of applique so unfortunately, I keep it all in the shape it's in

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    Thks went to Bonnie Hunter site ... Great information!!

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    I have squares cut from my scraps from 6 1/2 inches to 2 1/2inches..I also have 2 1/2 strips cut and some 3 1/2 in ones to use with my Hickory nut template...strips thinner than 2 1/2 and wider than one inch (even those uneven strips) go into strip quilts..Anything smaller goes into a large fabric square sewn to fill for a dog bed...I throw away nothing`

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    2 inches is the smallest I will precut. Sometimes I get the bug to piece just scrappy scrappy pieces and I will use small irregular pieces. Most of the time, I put the smaller than 2 inch pieces in my dog bed pile. When I get a tshirt back that is unwanted, or fabric that no one will use, I make up a rectangle pillow case shape and fill it with my scraps. Serge the edge when its done and its off to the dog rescue. One lady there told me, they give out a bed with the dog when it goes to its forever home. I also use strips and strings for string blocks.

    Check out http://heartstringsquiltproject.com/ for more info on Heartstrings quilts or to donate blocks, quilting time or quilts.. They are a charity quilt group only.
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    the famous...how small is too small topic...
    first off---what will you use? not a lot of point saving anything too small for you to use---if you never use anything smaller than a charm square-anything smaller is just taking up space- if you are an appliquer & use tiny pieces in your creations...well- tiny is not too small.
    that being said---in my book it's never ok to send your scraps to a landfill! there is always someone out there who would love to have what you have no use for. there are members here on the board who use small scraps- there are people who use the really small pieces to stuff pet beds--and other uses- there are preschools & elementary schools that would love to use some scraps- there are scout troups...the list goes on & on- someone will want/use what you have no use for. so= decide=what will you use at some point- if you will not use it box it up in a flat rate box & offer it- or donate it- check with the local guild, senior center, care facility, scout group, lqs, here on the board---pass them on-
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    Quote Originally Posted by gabeway View Post
    All quilts come with some scraps but when do you say this is too small to keep? Also do you square up odd shaped pieces or keep them as they are? I have several bins of small pieces I'm not sure are worth keeping.
    No scrap is to small for me. Shoot I even keep threads and such. Sometimes I square up odd shapes pieces but mostly I don't. By not doing so it gives it character.

    How small are your pieces that you have in your bins.

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    I save anything 1.5 inches wide by 1.5 or longer for my FAVORITE Log Cabins.

    I also save 2.5 inches wide a la Bonnie Hunter.

    Odd unusable (by me) shapes go into the "stuffing" box which will be used to stuff dog blankets or sent to my DD for art projects with our DGKiddies.
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