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Thread: A simple warning!

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    Quote Originally Posted by valsma View Post
    It worked well up until today, it actually worked better than the new one I have. I guess it just finally got tired and wanted to rest.
    In the past I've just had the cord replaced on favourite things like this. Replacements today just aren't the same quality.
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    Jan 2011
    do auto shut off really work my son is an electrican he says unplug appliances that are not essenticals and he does not trust power strips

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    Quote Originally Posted by valsma View Post
    Please check the cords on your iron for freying or damage.

    Today I was ironing some fabric that had just been washed and my iron went cold. Thinking I had pulled the cord out of the extension cord I lifted the cord to follow it and it looked like July 4th in my living room. Ok not quite the 4th but sparks were going everywhere. Once I got it unplugged and looked at it the cord had a hole near the end where it had blown out. So once my heart worked it's way back into my chest I cut the end off, threw the iron away and thought I would post a warning.

    Please remember to check those cords on those helpful but electrified tools that we use. I guess sometimes we don't actually see the wear that they are getting.

    Wohoa - glad you're ok!
    Love 4 stchen

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    An appliance like an iron, toaster, coffee pot, etc that produce heat should not be plugged in anywhere but the wall. NOT into extension chords, NOT into power strips, but directly into the outlet. Please be careful, you have so much to lose. I suggest you put your ironing board some place where you cannot leave it up long term. So much safer. Glad you are OK and that there was not major damage.
    "Only those who know enough is enough can ever have enough." Lao Tzu

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    Thanks so much for the warning!
    If a woman's work is never done....why start?

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    I like surge protectors and power strips with shut offs.

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    Thanks for the warning!

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    I save all cords from appliciances that have died and have saved iron cords from my friends whose irons have died but not from bad cords and reuse them to give new life to an otherwise broken appliance

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    May 2012
    I have all my sewing room cords plugged into surge protector multi outlet strips and turn them off when not in use. I think this would solve the problem of cord wear and tear of unplugging. I have a lamp plugged in with my iron so I don't forget to turn it off.

    Quote Originally Posted by Chicca View Post
    Thanks for the warning! After reading several previous blogs about irons catching fire, I now always unplug my iron and from now on will check the cords over periodically also.

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    Years ago I had a toaster that I kept plugged in all the time. Was walking past it and smelled hot wood. It was the toaster and was burning the wood inside the wall. An electrician said that there was nothing wrong with the wiring in the wall, that it was the plug on the toaster. Learned my lesson. We could have lost our home.

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