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Thread: So I guess those rotary blades ARE sharp afterall!!

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    Senior Member gail-r's Avatar
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    Apr 2010
    Tooele, Utah
    A friend works in the ER at one our local hospitals and said that rotary cutters are the leading cause of stitches for women in Utah. Hope you are all better soon, nothing worse than trying to quilt one handed, sounds like you have a very thoughtful husband. Hugs
    Gail in Utah

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    Thank you ladies.. all your comments are very thoughtful and kind.. I love this board!

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    Super Member LoisM's Avatar
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    Highland, CA
    Oh, I'm so sorry to hear that! I managed to do the same thing to my left index finger with a box cutter so I know about the pain and the whole "holding your hand over your head for hours on end". I thought the bleeding would never stop and I didn't have anyone at home with me so I couldn't even drive myself to the hospital. Be prepared. You're going to be hurting for a good long while.

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    Super Member Juliebelle's Avatar
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    North Carolina
    I use my glove every time now, my friend cut herself very badly and it took over 2 months to heal and was very painful. That was enough to convenience me to get a glove and use it.

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    Super Member Mary O's Avatar
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    Aug 2010
    The most important thing I learned when taking my 1st lesson was to always walk your left hand to the top of your ruler. 3x...Your whole body plays a part in safe cutting.Another tip I just learned for myself,keep your foot off pedal when your fingers are near the needle....Sewed through my finger.Had to remove broken needle and pass thread to remove.Throbbing came later after almost passing out..Be careful ladies....

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    Senior Member jetmaio's Avatar
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    Spring Hill, Florida
    Sorry you hurt yourself, hopefully not too bad. Here's my story and WARNING to those considering purchasing a new rotary cutter. I had the kind that closes or opens by itself just from the pressure of cutting on the mat. I'm sure you know the one. Well I wasn't even cutting but cleaning a shelf that had the cutter on it when it fell off the shelf. It hit my shin and you guessed it opened and gave me a 4 inch gash in it. It didn't cut too deeply but painful none the less. I would never, ever purchase a self opening cutter again. Imagine using it on your table with a little one or cat or dog sitting under the table.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kimv44 View Post
    Well.. after over a decade of quilting and thinking that I was an extremely careful cutter, the inevitable finally happened..

    Had a family birthday event last night and after being at the babysitter's house til almost midnight, my 6 year old was happily sleeping late this morning so I decided to take advantage of a few extra quiet hours to get ahead on some of my Christmas quilting.

    Got out my fabric and a fresh rotary cutting wheel and [i'll save you all the gory details] BLAMMO!!!... wheel slid up the side of my ruler and right into my left index finger. OUCH!! Typing this tonight is the first time I've had it held lower than my heart all day.. it is extremely painful and I never ever want to do that again!!!

    So my husband, to make lemonade out of lemons, sees this as a great opportunity to buy me a quilting gadget that I don't already have for Christmas this year.. a Klutz glove. I have extremely short fingers so before he buys one and wraps it up for me he would like to know that they'll be useful for me and not simply get in the way. Yes, I know sounds odd to already know what will be under the tree.. but.. times are extremely tight for us this year so we're both making our gifts to each other necessity items like socks and a bathrobe.. and since I already have pajamas, today's incident seems to scream necessity to me so I've asked him for a cut resistant glove.

    Do you all use these? Anyone with really small hands use them and find them useful? I was also thinking of some of those index finger and thumb guards that only cover those two fingers, but they don't look like they'd say on very well..

    I agree things are tight,I would have something I need ,even if I know what it is.Than something sitting around collecting dust.I am truly sorry you hurt your self.I sure hope it heals fast.thanks for sharing.
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    Seven stitches to the inch on left index finger....'nuff said!
    Quilter 68 who is now 69/and now 70

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    Senior Member Dogwood Quilter's Avatar
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    South Central Missouri
    I have one of these from Harbour Freight. They suction to your ruler so your hand is above but gives you good control of your ruler. They are on sale for $2.99 right now. http://www.harborfreight.com/catalog...?q=suction+cup. Sorry for your accident. I hope you heal quickly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MaryLane View Post

    Side note, I always sew barefoot but I now cut with shoes on after dropping my rotary cutter on my foot. The blade was closed because I am super careful about that but I could see the potential. I know many won't agree but injuries to my hands don't bother me much because I have so many. My feet are a different story.
    So true!
    I dropped a rotary cutter and it cut the top of my foot open. That hurt for a long time. I always wear shoes that cover my feet in my sewing room. It's a rule all the family knows to not go in my sewing room or DH's shop barefoot. My grands will run put on shoes to go sew with me. LOL
    Got fabric?

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