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Feed dogs up and regular foot.

I recently learned there is a SITD foot .... kind of like a regular foot, with a "plough" that goes into the ditch. Adjust your needle til you hit it bang on.
I used to use that foot but learned that I can do better without it. To do so, I slightly pull the seam from both sides and let the needle run in the seam line. Then I can tug the seam to one side or the other when the seam direction changes. When I let go of the seam, the stitch literally disappears. Using the "plough" I was never able to get right into the seam. (Could have been me though - not the equipment)
MadQ ... when I was told about it at my LQS, they said that you'll either love it or hate it! I've just done some test runs with it so far and liked it. Though I soon will be doing some "real" SITD and will have a better sense as to whether it's love it or leave it!! :)