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Thread: Strangest Dream - Really!

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    Power Poster sewnsewer2's Avatar
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    May 2008
    LOL, you're hooked when you dream of sewing/quilting.
    Grandma of 5 beautiful grand kids, 4 crazy cats & 1 dog!

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    Aug 2011
    Atlanta, GA
    Never had a sewing dream, but am a BIG believer in the power and wisdom of our unconscious self. Married my husband based on a dream (and avoided 2 other earlier marriages based on dreams also). My unconscious was definitely right on about DH and it will soon be 34 years. He's a keeper!

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    I mustn't think all day about anything as if I dream I don't usually recall them these days. When I was working I came up with some excellent ideas for school this way.
    Now adays I'm so laid back I'm almost horizontal , it is my way of coping the the stress from my job and nerves break down or tablets.
    wish I did dream more must make a mental effort to go asleep thinking about a project.
    Finished is better than a UFO

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    Oct 2012
    Wow. Love all your stories. Just goes to show us God really believes quilts are blankets of love!

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    reply to dream quilt

    What a wonderful story. I'd love to hear more. Thanks

    Sometimes I get the words for my inspirational writings just as I am 'drifting off to sleep'

    Quote Originally Posted by morelcabin View Post
    This often happens to me as well! In my case it is definitely a God thing. He sends me patterns and ideas for quilts for strangers at times...I really cant explain it, but I have to say that at the end of it those quilts end up being such a personal blessing to both myself and the person I quilt them for. I have actually done a true image of a woman's daughter at one point...a complete stranger...that had a message for her straight from above. A very spiritual experience sent from above for a stranger. And the strangest thing about it is that I don't actually remember the dream...all I know is that the plan is all in place for what I am about to do and I wake up with an immense desire to just get to work on it. So yes, I really do believe that our dreams can be extraordinarily special at times!

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    Would love to see the tote!! Maybe with a tute!!!
    There is no place like home!

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    Saratoga, Arkansas
    Jan, you are so right about dreams. I look forward to mine every night (for the entertainment). When I was in calculus, I would go to sleep with a problem on my mind, then sometimes I would dream the solution steps. It really is amazing how it works. I wish I could dream how to become rich :>)

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    Where is the picture of your tote? Would love to see it.

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    Could we please see your tote?

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    Apr 2011
    I totally believe in the power of the saying..." Sleep on it". When i am grappling with any problem or challenge i just have to put it away mentally and often in the night, my brain dreams up a solution or a new peace about it. Just have to be open to the power of our amazing brain.

    I love dreams, esp the ones that include my late parents and favorite, late relatives. Very comforting to experience them once again. Even my past pets show up. Revisits to my childhood home, torn down years ago. I could go on.

    A couple of weeks after my mom passed; after a gut wrenching last year in the nursing home, i had one of my dreams in which I am soaring above the ground. I look down and see an older woman in an old fashioned floral shirtwaist dress rollerskating on the sidewalk. She looks up at me and smiles at me sweetly. The face smiling back at me was my mothers' moms face. BUT, i just knew that the real person smiling up at me was my mom. She smiles and then continues her journey on down the sidewalk. I still take comfort in this dream that my mom is at peace and she wanted me to know it.

    By the way, my grandmother passed away when I was 4 years old. I have no memories of her. Now, i need to wipe my eyes.

    Dreams are powerful.

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