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Thread: wheel chair quilt vs lap quilt

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    Dec 2008
    I want to make a quilt for my brother in law. He is very sick. he goes to Dialysis twice a week and has had his leg amputated two differnt times this year,and the other is in tuff shape.
    Any suggestions on a pattern for men ?
    what size would be best for a wheel chair ? lap or ?


    Mary L

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    Renee's Avatar
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    Oct 2008
    I'm no help with a pattern (still so new to this). But as far as size goes can you or can you have someone measure the width and length of the chair. I don't think you'd want it to drag or get caught in a wheel. It sounds like a great gift for a very special person. Have fun with it!

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    Mar 2008
    West Magic, Idaho
    My late husband was going to dialysis 3X a week & always complained that he was cold. I hear what you are trying to do!!
    DH was into hunting, camping, birds, animals, basiclly (sp) ALL outdoors. I also custom make shirts, so I saved the left over fabric, along those lines & made a quilt for him.
    I don't measure real well-sooooo I cut a 4 sq. patch out of blue & grey- His favorite colors Than measured that & cut out a sq. to match the first 4 patch. Alternated a 4 patch & a reg. square. He really wanted it, but I told him that it was for the volunteer fire dept. raffle. I even went so far as to ask him which backing looked best w/ it. He picked that out also. I sent it off to my long arm quilted, she quilted in animals, fish, pine trees etc. It turned out WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I gave it to him for his b'day in May & he about lost it!!!!!!!!!! He was soooooo proud of that quilt. He ended up in a nursing home for about 3 mos. before passing, but he had that quilt w/ him every day. Covered up @ dialysis & had it on his bed also. I did get it back, & it holds a lot of special memories!!!!!!!!!!
    As I said, I'm really not into the measuring thingy, so I just eye balled it. LOL. It did turn out to be just the right size for one person to snuggle under though. I try to take into consideration how big the person is as well as the length.
    It will fit on the top of a twin bed w/ not much drop to the sides. I'm sorry that is not much help, but that is how I measure things. I find for me, that if I follow a pattern size, it is way tooooo small or way tooooo big for what I want. So I just go till I think it is the right size, than stop.

    good luck


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    Jul 2007
    northern New England
    The sizes most often mentioned for wheelchair quilts are between 36x36 and 38x47. Maybe you could sit in a chair and drape a yard of fabric over your legs to see if that comes close to what you'd need? Size also depends partly on the pattern used. Rail Fence is quick, easy and a good pattern for a man's quilt when darker colors are used.

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    Mar 2008
    Rustburg, VA (for the moment anyway)
    I just made three for the ladies at the nursing home where my MIL resides. I used 1 yard of fabric......sandwiched it, tied it and bound it. They were the perfect size. Of course, that is about as simple as you can get but they were the perfect size for them when in their wheel chairs and they loved them.

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    Feb 2008
    North Carolina
    All of my patients are in wheelchairs and the best thing that's the easiest to manipulate is a poncho. It fits easily over the head but covers both their shoulders and legs. You can drape it over the chair or tuck it closer around them if it's a windy, cold day. IF it was waterproof, it'd be even better. :wink:

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    Dec 2008
    Sounds like a good idea. Here in Tucson (we do have winter) Mt. Zion Lutheran Church quilting ladies make them for the VA and several other local agencies. Where would we find a pattern suitable for wheelchair use?

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    Oct 2007
    NW Ohio
    i think this pattern was posted here somewhere not too long ago.

    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Mar 2008
    rural Maryland

    Thank you for that wonderful pattern. I belong to two differnt guilds that make various quilts for multiple projects. I will share the directions with both of them. I have made regular quillows for all of my grandchildren and my daughters at one time or another. With energy bills so high people tend to lower their thermostats to save money. A quillow is a wonderful place to snuggle while you watch TV or whatever.

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    Aug 2007
    South Puget Sound, Wa. State
    That is the one I was trying to find this morning before rushing off to work!
    I think it is a great pattern...

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