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Thread: Where does everyone pin their layers together?

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    Super Member Anael's Avatar
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    Mar 2011
    The Netherlands
    Sometimes I use the dining table, sometimes (like with the last quilt I made) I use the living room floor and sometimes I tape it to the bedroom floor. I might try spray basting or glue basting next time I have to make a quilt sandwich.
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    Super Member Annie68's Avatar
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    Jul 2011
    I used to do the floor routine, had done it for many years. This past year my knees and back and seems everything has given up and said, "no more getting down there". I now use the table I have my sewing machine on, clear everything off, and lay out my three layers. The table measures 64x34, I pin the middle section then move my layers to the left then the right til it's all pinned. Works great, why didn't I do this years ago?

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    Jan 2012
    Vermont, USA
    Quote Originally Posted by quiltstringz View Post
    Our LQS has tables and if they aren't having a class they let you schedule time to use them. Works out great
    I've done this too, but be creative about other places - maybe church hall or other local spot like American Legion or anyplace that has big tables in a room that is not used all the time. If bending to table height is a problem, get some wood blocks or something that you put under legs to lift up a few inches. I haven't done a bed size quilt in ages, but I do smaller ones on the kitchen counter end of peninsula that was designed for this. I also have one of those folding tables like they sell in JoAnn's that someone gave me. Sprays vary in quality and toxicity, so check carefully before you use one. I find they don't always stay stuck if you don't get to the quilting right away. I usually put in a few pins even when I do the spray.
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    Super Member sewingsuz's Avatar
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    Nov 2010
    I have four folding tables and I use 2 or 4 depending how big the quilt is. I put them up on my patio. Don't have that room in the house. I have hand basted and pinned. The last one I did I used June taylor basting spray. I tape news paper down for over spray and tape backing down so I get no wrinkels. This is my least favorite thing about quilting also. Next time I am trying the elmers glue way.
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    Senior Member alisonquilts's Avatar
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    Feb 2012
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    I still crawl around on the floor. I have a carpeted bedroom, so I vacuum really carefully (two cats and a dog) and pin my layers down. I haven't had a pucker yet (now I'll surely be jinxed). I used to baste (when I still hand-quilted everything) and now I use safety pins.

    I tried Elmer's glue basting for the first time recently with a whole series of placemats - and it works really well - but I don't think I am ready to do a large quilt that way. My two complaints with the glue basting: I probably used too much glue, so it went through my layers and got on my work surface; and when it came time tot hand-sew on my binding I would hit dried glue hard patches that were difficult to sew (this might have been from too much glue too...)

    I have tried clamping onto a table and basting there, but it really isn't my favorite way.


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    Super Member Becky Crafts's Avatar
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    Sep 2010
    I live in a very small motorhome. The only flat space for me to work is 13"X15". Depending on the size of the project, I use our community center tables put together & an old office chair on wheels. Works great! If it's a small project, I've been kind of experimenting. I've hung the layers from a hanger in a high cabinet handle & pinned there, I've used two TV trays end to end. I can not get on the floor so that's not an option for me & the bed is not good for me either since we can't walk on either side. (We crawl in from the end at night.) Now I've got the spray adhesive, but am not sure how to go about that either since I don't have a clothes-line! I don't want to use the picnic tables because they're filthy & all messed up & would ruin my project. I have even used my cutting mats on top of a suitcase when traveling. I am nothing if not determined to get it done!! LOL! Some folks ask to use the vestry in their church with tables where they hold functions & JoAnn's I'm told will allow folks to use their classrooms when they aren't using them or perhaps your local quilt shop.
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    Jan 2011
    I attend my quilting guild's sew days, whenever I can. We meet in a very large room and they have several long tables we can move around as we need and I pin, cut and sew as I need to. At the end of the session we move things back the way they were.

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    Senior Member gail-r's Avatar
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    Apr 2010
    Tooele, Utah
    I use my cutting table, I usually start with the top right hand corner and work down first and then over, sliding the quilt and re-clamping as needed. I have done many quilts this way including kings and california kings without any problems. Hugs
    Gail in Utah

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    Apr 2012
    Spokane, Washington
    I pin baste on my hardwood floor between the kitchen and living room... but shhh!! Don't tell my husband!! He would freak if he knew I was poking pins around on the wood.....
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    Quote Originally Posted by Scissor Queen View Post
    I have folding tables from Walmart and use Sharon Schamber's method to roll them onto flat boards but instead of thread basting then I spray baste. It goes really, really fast that way. Sharon Schamber's videos are available on youtube.
    Is there a tute for this, do you spray in sections
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