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At one point in time, many long years ago, there actually were quilt police (but that was in Europe).
"The art of making these exquisite quilts was first popularized in France and soon became highly favored in England as well. Because they were in such demand eventually French weavers developed a way to make these beautiful textured quilts on a loom. The bedcoverings they wove came to be called Marseilles quilts."
...and because they were in such demand merchants in Marseilles who found whole cloth quilts impinging on their business, bribed the mayor of Marseilles and made wearing or using whole cloth quilting illegal. Hence, the quilt police stood outside windows at parties, peering in and would arrest anyone who was wearing any whole cloth quilting (bodices etc. were whole clot quilted and quite beautiful).
You may reference "trapunto" or "whole cloth quilts" on the computer
This is so interesting. I was near Hyeres, France, a couple of summers ago at an enoteca (winery) where they had an art/craft "fair." There were many beautiful paintings, ceramics, etc., but the part I enjoyed most was a group of ladies actually quilting trapunto pieces. They explained (if I understood correctly) that a young woman was supposed to make a quilted wedding dress (might have been slip) which would become a baptismal dress or crib quilt for her children. It was fascinating to watch them work. Thank you for sharing your historical note with us.