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Thread: Apartment quilting

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    I bought the short white plastic table at Sam's, Wal-Mart probably has them, put in on bed raiser. Can use to cut, iron, etc. I store thing under and when not in use, put in up next to wall. Of course, you could fold in down. Hope this helps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by elizajo View Post
    I put my kitchen table on bed risers for cutting and sandwiching, and also use it instead of a design wall. My cutting mats and oversize Shape Plus rulers stay under the guest bed. I have a plywood board covered in a remnant of washed wool flannel and twill for ironing. I can move it to a folding table or on the 36" counter.

    This quilter has a beautiful studio in her apartment in Chicago. http://tallgrassprairiestudio.blogsp...ets-party.html
    Wow!!! that is amazing. Need to get more organized myself. Thanks for sharing.

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    I use the guest bedroom to set up my floor frames for quilting. They straddle the bed, and since we don't often have overnight guests, it can stay there for months while I quilt. I set up a card table against the wall for my sewing machine and an antique dresser I use to store my small stash and supplies. I have to admit, I do have fabric piled up on a night stand for the next quilt top I am getting ready to start, and my rulers and stencils are laying on another small table. Don't have a design wall yet, but have purchased those Command hangers and a Fons & Porter Design wall to put up, I'm still not sure where because I don't have any blank wall space. I did just purchase a set of four wooden trouser hangers and intend to hang those from the Command hangers to hold finished quilts for photographing. In my utility room I have a table I use for folding laundry and on it sits a small ironing board. My 24"x36" mat fits on it just fine for cutting and still leaves room for the little ironing board to stay in place. It seems to be the right height for me. Our hall is an odd shape, my friend calls it the rotunda, but it is of a good size, so now and then I will bring the card table from the guest room to sew on my machine there. As my quilting tools and supplies are increasing (imagine that!) and I am beginning to build a stash I can see that before long I will need to plan for better organization and storage. The flow is good between the utility room, the rotunda and the guest room so I'm not complaining.
    When a dying man asked his pastor "How long does it take to die?" his pastor's heartfelt reply was "A lifetime." Live life to the fullest, but stop now and then to enjoy the sunset.

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    I have a small room for sewing, I share with 4 cats. I cut large pieces of fabrics on the dining table, I quilt there and once in a while I press on it too. I sandwich quilts on it and sometimes use a folding table at the end for longer quilts, or I use plastic type saw horses with a board on it. I move the quilt until it is all pinned. I have a 48" x 72" cabinet loaded down with big yardage pieces of fabrics down to a yard or so. I have upper and base cabinets with a 80" countertop I iron on with a small ironing board and store rulers. The cat's food and water bowl is on it too. I get tired cleaning up the litter,cat food and spilled water to sew, I do if I need to use the counter. I have lived in this small place for 44 years and use to working here.
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    Several years ago, I had a small closet that wasn't in use. I bought two 3 drawer metal cabinets from K Mart and put a board across the top. That made my sewing desk for my sewing machine. Then I put peg board up in front of the desk ( which was the back of the closet) ,and on the sides for hanging "stuff". I really can't remember what stuff I had, but it was handy to have the peg board. I didn't have a lot of fabric, but what I had I put on the shelf above the pegboard. For cutting I would use my kitchen table. I used the filing cabinets for storing thread, patterns ribbons, etc. Presently I still don't have a "sewing" room, just use my bedroom. And for my cutting table I have a hollow door that we had used for a room divider which is sitting on two saw horses. Guess I'm just cheap. Oh, I do now have a design wall. I like saying that, sounds so artsy. It's an old flannel backed table cloth that had it's day. Anyway, everything serves me well.

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    I use our small guest room. It was tight, as it has a double bed. Then last year we built a murphy bed and suddenly the room seems huge! I have an over-the-door ironing board, a big solid table I bought from Boarders when they closed for my sewing machines, and a smaller light weight table on bed risers as a cutting table. This sits in frount of the murphy bed it its "up" position; the legs come off easily and it slides under the bed when it is "down". We have had a lot of guests, and it is a quick and easy switch from sewing room to quite a nice guest room!

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    Sarah, I've lived in several locations in Brooklyn -- mostly parlour floors of brownstones -- and while I didn't have a quilting room at the time, my roommate had an art studio in one of the bedrooms. Now I live in a tiny cottage and turned an extra closet sized bedroom into my studio. Although I have a house, I honestly think I had more room when I lived in Brooklyn. However ... if I were you, I would get that cat box out of the room. Those aromas will cling to your fabric.
    Feel the fear and do it anyway!

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    When you get to the age where you can look back on your life, it will amaze you that you were able to think beyond the box as you all are doing. When you have a passion, love, or _____ (fill in the blank), you find a way to make it work. I have been in small apartments and now I am in a small house. I have sewn in a corner of a bedroom, cut on a dining table, and ironed in a bathroom. We find a way of making our hearts happy.
    Happy sewing and quilting,


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    I live on the North Shore of Long Island
    I certainly understand how it is difficult to finish projects in a small space. Can you buy a drop leaf cutting table,
    there are many companies that make them from inexpensive to very nice furniture. Take a look at the Martha Stewart
    Craft furniture thru the Home Decorators.com web site. It is very nice. And there is a cutting/craft table that folds up small and has storage too. There are others, at Joanne stores, Ikea has a gate leg table that may work for you.
    Horn makes a very large when opened table. The great thing about some of them is you can close them up when not in use, or only half open them or fully open them. HTH
    Also I would not leave a cat box where you sew. There are some really good ones now but still it could ruin your stash.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Julie in NM View Post
    I bought one of the tables at JAs for basting my quilts. Side drop down so it's against the wall when not in use http://www.joann.com/sullivans-home-...?green=3031324 Bought it when it was on deep sale price. DH said it was a pain to put together but then refused to let me help. I refuse to pin baste on the floor...knees can't take it I use binder clamps to anchor the quilt and shift as I need to get it basted. Just another idea for you.
    I bought one of these several years ago...got it 1/2 price, I think. DH didn't help me put it together...did it myself, as he was out doing field work. It is great for cutting my quilt pieces (larger ones), and like you, love it for when I have to pin baste. (My knees and back can't take the crawling around on the floor, either!)
    When someone mentions quilting, I go to pieces!

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