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Thread: 13 Ways to Make Differant Looking Quilt Blocks from One Quilt Block Pattern

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    I have shortcut methods I call my cut down methods. Using this idea I have several units I call "Blocks"
    The shortcut method or cut down method means you cut swatches of fabric. Sew them together and then cut out a square from the center. Saves time and effort and allows you to make intricate looking quilt blocks with easy steps. Great for beginners.

    so I was playing with a quilt block and I want to show you how you can take one Quilt Block and turn the blocks to make 13 differant looks with the same 16 "Blocks" this "Block" is made with my Wings Block.

    You can find the directions for making this "Block" here

    You will need templates and especially my 30 degree angle template. So you can email me at patchesbyr@yahoo.com or pm me. I will be happy to send them to you for free. I need your postal address. PLEASE DON"T POST personal info on the open forum!!

    After I post all the quilt blocks and layouts I will show you how to take one quilt block and by changing colors you can make new looks just by using color in differant ways.
    This is important to now so when you choose your fabrics you will have the look you want in your finished product. The way you use light dark and medium fabrics is very important. You have to be aware of how one plays againts another color. You need to decide if you want stong contrast or if you want the fabrics to blend together. So I will show you some examples of good choices and bad choices at least in my opinion!

    Don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions! Thanks Rhonda

    Block 4
    Name:  Attachment-121884.jpe
Views: 2843
Size:  34.9 KB

    Block 4 layout
    Name:  Attachment-121885.jpe
Views: 2891
Size:  30.8 KB

    This is the Wings Block. It looks hard but it isn't!! Once you learn to make these you can make all sorts of great patterns!
    Name:  Attachment-121907.jpe
Views: 2832
Size:  8.1 KB

    Block 1 The original quilt block I started with
    Name:  Attachment-121909.jpe
Views: 2842
Size:  37.7 KB

    Block 1 layout
    Name:  Attachment-121910.jpe
Views: 2825
Size:  32.6 KB

    Block 2 All I did was turn the blocks around
    Name:  Attachment-121911.jpe
Views: 2818
Size:  36.9 KB

    Block 2 layout
    Name:  Attachment-121912.jpe
Views: 2825
Size:  30.0 KB

    Block 3
    Name:  Attachment-121913.jpe
Views: 2827
Size:  38.2 KB

    Layout 3
    Name:  Attachment-121918.jpe
Views: 2811
Size:  32.5 KB

    Block 5 layout
    Name:  Attachment-121919.jpe
Views: 2798
Size:  31.7 KB

    Block 5 -- LOL this one makes me think of teeth! LOL
    Name:  Attachment-121920.jpe
Views: 2797
Size:  38.6 KB

    Block 6
    Name:  Attachment-121921.jpe
Views: 2792
Size:  37.0 KB

    Block 6 layout
    Name:  Attachment-121922.jpe
Views: 2786
Size:  32.1 KB

    Block 7
    Name:  Attachment-121923.jpe
Views: 2789
Size:  36.8 KB

    Block 7 layout
    Name:  Attachment-121925.jpe
Views: 2778
Size:  33.1 KB

    Block 8
    Name:  Attachment-121927.jpe
Views: 2767
Size:  38.1 KB

    Block 8 layout
    Name:  Attachment-121928.jpe
Views: 2773
Size:  32.0 KB

    Block 9
    Name:  Attachment-121929.jpe
Views: 2775
Size:  37.0 KB

    Block 9 layout
    Name:  Attachment-121930.jpe
Views: 2767
Size:  33.4 KB

    Block 10
    Name:  Attachment-121931.jpe
Views: 2777
Size:  38.1 KB

    Block 10 layout
    Name:  Attachment-121932.jpe
Views: 2765
Size:  32.2 KB

    Block 11
    Name:  Attachment-121934.jpe
Views: 2758
Size:  35.4 KB

    Block 11 layout
    Name:  Attachment-121935.jpe
Views: 2770
Size:  30.7 KB

    Block 12
    Name:  Attachment-121936.jpe
Views: 2773
Size:  37.6 KB

    Block 12 layout
    Name:  Attachment-121937.jpe
Views: 2756
Size:  33.1 KB

    Block 13
    Name:  Attachment-121938.jpe
Views: 2748
Size:  36.8 KB

    Block 13 layout
    Name:  Attachment-121939.jpe
Views: 2739
Size:  31.0 KB

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    WOW!! That is really cool. I am bookmarking this! Thank you so much for sharing.

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    Cool Rhonda, very cool. Has any one told you that #9 looks like pac man?

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    Now for the fun part!! LOL I love color!! So when you add color you gain a whole new world of possibilities.

    Where you choose to put the colors and how you choose to layer color values or the differant hues of one color makes alot of differance in how your quilt block looks. You can choose large print or small print or anything in between. but the important part is how much differance there is betwee two colors that are close together. You can highlight a part of the quilt block or make part of it fade into the background depending on where you put color. So understanding the use of color in your quilt block will help you get a better looking quilt block in the end.

    Here I will show you some of the ways I would use color and then I will show you some of the ways I think are not effective. But it is really all in your eye and what you want your quilt block to look like.

    Look at Block 12 above, Here I chose to add differant colors in what I see as butterflies in this design.
    Name:  Attachment-121940.jpe
Views: 2712
Size:  35.3 KB

    Here is the same block but I used solid black in the two corners instead of the wing blocks
    Name:  Attachment-121947.jpe
Views: 2769
Size:  29.6 KB

    Here I used the same arrangement of colors as above but I changed the center blocks to lt blue as well. This has the effect of making the outer blue and the inner blue recede into the background and makes the darker /brighter colors pop out more.If I had used the same lt blue in the center it would have blended more with the corner blues. As it is this color of blue makes the center blue step down a bit but not all the way in the back ground.
    Name:  Attachment-121948.jpe
Views: 2714
Size:  31.7 KB

    These colors are ok but not anything to write home about in my opinion. But it is all in the eye of the beholder!!
    Name:  Attachment-122015.jpe
Views: 2700
Size:  40.4 KB

    This started as Block 3 above. Here I decided to put two colors in opposite corners. I really like these colors. They really make the design stand out!
    Name:  Attachment-122016.jpe
Views: 2695
Size:  31.8 KB

    This color choice is ok but I think it is only ok.
    Name:  Attachment-122019.jpe
Views: 2689
Size:  31.6 KB

    This one is acceptable but in my opinion it all blends together too much for me. But if you were doing a tone on tone type of quilt you might like this color set.
    Name:  Attachment-122020.jpe
Views: 2678
Size:  24.8 KB

    So here I went back to the black and used brights. Very effective for high contrast. May be too bright.
    Name:  Attachment-122021.jpe
Views: 2687
Size:  28.2 KB

    When you change dark to light you get a diferant look to the quilt block You can direct the eye to differant parts of the quilt block by where you choose to put the color and what value of that color you use(light or dark etc) You can see I used lilght blue in place of the black on the corners which made the pink/yellow corners take on a differant look. They are now the outer edge of the design instead of being in the middle of the design.
    Name:  Attachment-122027.jpe
Views: 2666
Size:  28.7 KB

    Here you can see the effect I was talking about. This looks to me like the dark blue/pink/yellow lays ontop of a lt blue background square.
    Name:  Attachment-122031.jpe
Views: 2681
Size:  29.7 KB

    This one look at the yellow and green in the middle of the sides.
    Name:  Attachment-122033.jpe
Views: 2672
Size:  28.9 KB

    Here I want you to see the sides where the yellow and green were half and half. Now I changed the colors so the yellow is at the bottom of those two blocks and the green is the center like a diamond
    Name:  Attachment-122034.jpe
Views: 2698
Size:  29.9 KB

    Here is another color choice for this quilt block. I want you to notice that the colors I used for the yellow parts blend together,. Here I wanted to get the box like effect of those parts of the quilt block so I used two colors that would blend. When I used contrasting colors I didn't like it because it was too seperate looking.
    Name:  Attachment-122038.jpe
Views: 2684
Size:  31.7 KB

    Here is the color combo I don't like,. The blue is too dark and is not a print fabric so it over powers the yellow print.
    Name:  Attachment-122042.jpe
Views: 2716
Size:  31.1 KB

    Ok LOL back to my original train of thought! This is my favorite color arrangement for this block. I think it is so elegant looking!
    Name:  Attachment-122043.jpe
Views: 2671
Size:  28.6 KB

    Here I used the dark pink with the dark blue and they coexist much better as they are the same type of fabric. In this case I want the box (the dk blue and dk pink lines make me think of a box around the center design)to show up and if I use two fabrics for it they need to play nice together. since I used the dark pink I didn't want the dk pink in the middle. so I changed it to yellow and wanted to show y ou how you can use two colors in the corner blocks. If I use a color in the center then I need to bring that color out somewhere else in the design. So I put it in the corners. It gives it a 9 patch look if you look at only the yellow parts. 4 yellows on the corners and the ones in the middle are 5 areas of yellow in the same way as a 9 patch.
    Name:  Attachment-122044.jpe
Views: 2650
Size:  30.0 KB

    Ok Back to this block. I started with this block.
    Name:  Attachment-122045.jpe
Views: 2657
Size:  31.5 KB

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    SueDor, I was going to say the exact same thing. It does look like PacMan.

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    RGV, Texas

    You ROCK as a teacher!!!!!!!!

    Thank you for this tute. I'm looking forward to next Friday.


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    Ok now here is another train of thought I wanted to show you.

    I started with this block
    Name:  Attachment-122049.jpe
Views: 2647
Size:  31.5 KB

    Then I turned the blocks to this quilt block
    Name:  Attachment-122051.jpe
Views: 2642
Size:  32.8 KB

    Then I turned the center blocks only to this pattern
    Name:  Attachment-122052.jpe
Views: 2652
Size:  31.0 KB

    Now I saw the egg shaped areas in the center and thought I would change the colors there. But I didn't like the looks of it.
    Name:  Attachment-122053.jpe
Views: 2643
Size:  32.1 KB

    I turned the blocks again but this is really one I DON"T like!!! This one is not a good one to use at all!!!
    Name:  Attachment-122055.jpe
Views: 2631
Size:  30.6 KB

    Here is another color choice for this block but it still isn't one I would use.
    Name:  Attachment-122062.jpe
Views: 2645
Size:  25.5 KB

    Here I turned the top row and the bottom row dk pink and the lt yellow I turned it green. These look like space ships to me! The kind they had in asteroids - one of the old arcade games
    Name:  Attachment-122064.jpe
Views: 2658
Size:  27.1 KB

    Space ships anyone?? LOL I do think this one would make a great space ship quilt for a kid!!
    Name:  Attachment-122140.jpe
Views: 2641
Size:  28.3 KB

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    You added another one since I saw this earlier. this is really really neat. Thank you again so much for sharing this technique! The sixth one down on the second set, the gold one, looks like a sun rise to me. It made me think of a beautiful morning!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matilda
    WOW!! That is really cool. I am bookmarking this! Thank you so much for sharing.
    Thanks Matilda I will have to go look for the sunrise! I didn't notice that effect.

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    Wow...these are so neat looking!

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