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Thread: Easy Peasy Scrappy Quilt

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    Easy Peasy Scrappy Quilt

    Scrappy Quilt

    Scrappy quilts are my passion these days. When cutting fabric, I take odd-ball pieces and cut widths of 1-1/2”, 2”, and 2-1/2” strips, and throw them in their own boxes. Having WOF strips simplifies the process of getting the strips ready for the quilt but is not necessary.. When the box is full, I make a quilt for the charity I sew for. I was asked how to do this quilt so I made her a tutorial and will share it with the QB. I know a lot of you are experienced and there is more information than you need, but I want to help the new quilter who may be intimidated thinking this is not easy. This is NOT a difficult quilt to make.

    The pictures accompanying this tutorial have been cut at 2”. The second from the bottom is one I made last week using 1-1/2” strips. The block in the tute ends up being 6-1/2” square, and 4 put together to make a 12-1/2” block. (I like the look of the 1-1/2” strips better. From now on will use the 2” for herringbone quilt tops.)

    For my first attempt at this, I made this quilt using a 7” square of fabric, marking a 2” wide section down the center on the diagonal leaving the center blank and sewing strips to the end but it was expensive – I bought 108” backing fabric but that first quilt was a king size and used a lot of fabric for the blocks and for the backing. I should have used a wider section showing, and perhaps chosen something with better contrast so the X pattern would have showed up better. But we always learn when we do something new, don’t we? This quilt is shown in the last picture.

    Now I have found something fabulous for the foundation instead of muslin. Pellon 830 is for pattern drafting and comes 42” wide and is only $2.49 a yard, and we all have those 40% off coupons from our neighborhood fabric/craft chain store, the one that starts with a J. It is very light weight, stable, and is washable. I cut 7” squares from this product.

    So now I have figured how many blocks I want to make. (Make half blocks if you want something wider or longer than the 12-1/2” block will make. The one I am doing now from the 2” strips will be 3-1/2 blocks wide and 4-1/2” long, 42” x 54”, as was the one using the 1-1/2” strips. The length of the more narrow strips will not be the sme as you cut for the 2” strips. I don’t have it here to measure the length but I know you will be able to see how to measure those sizes.

    Start by cutting 9-1/2” pieces of dark and of medium and light – half dark, and half light and medium. I do it this way to give my blocks more variety. In the case of this block cut from 2” width pieces, I cut pieces about 9-1/2” long, but at least 9-1/4”, 7-1/2”, and 5-1/2”. Keep scraps for the final little piece at the end. If I had used a slightly wider 9-1/2” piece, it would have eliminated the need for the little piece to fill in those ends. Half of the blocks will use one 9-1/2” dark and two 5-/12 dark and one 7-1/2 light, and a scrap of light for the end. The other half of your blocks will use the opposite – in light or medium, one 9-1/2 and two 5-1/2, one dark 7-1/2 and a dark scrap. I find it easiest to have all the strips cut to length, and assemble all of step one of the blocks starting with a light 9-1/2” strip in all the blocks, press, do the second set of strips, press, do the 3rd set of strips and press. Add the little piece, press and trim with a 6-1/2” square. Then do the same with the ones starting with a dark strip. Put two light blocks with two dark blocks and sew into a 12-1/2” square.

    Hope you enjoyed this tute.
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    thanks for taking the time to show us how this is done
    Nancy in western NY
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    Thanks, you have made it look very easy will certainly give it a go.

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    Very pretty. I tend to do mine with strips of uneven widths so I don't have to match them when putting them together. I love the look, though, of the consistent widths you have used. Very clear tut!
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    Nice tutorial! The quilts you've made are so pretty! Thanks for the tip about the Pellon!
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    Great tut Judy! I love string quilts although I usually just use old telephone book pages, which tear off very easily. The Pellon seems like a good idea. Next one I start I am going to try it. Thanks for sharing.

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    Pellon is a great idea. Will have to try this.

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    Love it. Thanks for the great tutorial.

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    Interesting how no pieces match, yet when included in a quilt as you go, everything goes nicely and fits tog.. I love your quilt.

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    I use old phone books too...why buy something when you can recycle something...although phone books may become something of the past I believe....as someone else mentioned too, I use any width strip...have a large box now just waiting to be made into something useful!

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