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Thread: Quilted purses

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    Ok, here is tut on my quilted bags. It may be kinda long, sorry about that.

    this take approx 3/4 yard for straps, lining, outer bag and approx. 1/2 yard for outer contrasting pockets.

    Cut 2 pieces 21 1/2 x 16 of main fabric (this is the solid one I used that shows at the top and it will also be your lining)
    Cut 2 pieces of batting the same size.

    Lay fabric over batting and quilt as desired. Do both pieces. I usually just stipple cause I am a beginner at FMQ
    Name:  Attachment-170207.jpe
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    here it is quilted
    Name:  Attachment-170208.jpe
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    after quilting trim these pieces 14 1/2 x 20 1/2. I start larger and trim in case of slippage when quilting.
    Name:  Attachment-170209.jpe
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Size:  109.0 KB

    cut fabric for your straps 4 x 50. It is fine to piece strips to get right length. Iron strips in half wrong sides together. Then iron edges in to meet center . Place 1 in. strip in one of the folds. I use up scraps of batting this way and I have pieced scraps of batting together to do this.
    Name:  Attachment-170210.jpe
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Size:  22.3 KB

    Fold in, press, pin.
    Name:  Attachment-170212.jpe
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    Sew down both sides of straps and set them aside for the moment.
    Name:  Attachment-170213.jpe
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Size:  37.9 KB

    Cut 2 pieces of your contrasting fabric, the one for the outside pocket, 14 1/2 x 16 1/2. Fold in half long ways wrong sides together. Press at fold then top stitch across the fold. Do both pieces.
    Name:  Attachment-170214.jpe
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Size:  37.8 KB

    Lay contrasting pieces on quilted panel with raw edge even with the bottom and folded edge towards the center. the center will be the top of both the bag and the lining. Pin in place.
    Name:  Attachment-170217.jpe
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Size:  44.8 KB

    Pin strap onto contrasting piece 3 1/2 to 4 inches from side. Curve it up and around and pin other end on other side of piece. Do this with both straps.
    Name:  Attachment-170221.jpe
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    Sew straps along both edges that are over contrasting fabric.
    Name:  Attachment-170224.jpe
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    I go from bottom edge up towards center then turn and go across short width and turn and go down the other side.
    Name:  Attachment-170226.jpe
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Size:  36.5 KB

    Now for open inside pockets. Cut piece of whatever fabric you want to use 14 1/2 x 16. Fold this long way right sides together so it is 14 1/2 x 6. Sew the 14 1/2 side. Turn right side out, press, top stitch folded side.
    Name:  Attachment-170230.jpe
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Size:  46.5 KB

    Sew to paned along edge to the bottom. Divide into thirds and sew from middle to bottom. Remember center is up so you want to sew the long seam at the bottom.
    Name:  Attachment-170232.jpe
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Size:  42.9 KB

    now for the zipper. this is how I have been doing it. I am not good a zippers and there may be a better, nicer way to do it, but I was going for simple. Cut fabric for this pocket10 1/2 x 10 1/2. Fold in half wrong sides together. Sew around 3 sides leaving opening for turning. Turn, press and sew opening shut. Turn under raw edges first. Place zipper across one long side. Sew zipper onto pocket piece.
    Name:  Attachment-170233.jpe
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Size:  38.2 KB

    Use a plastic zipper and cut to fit your pocket by sewing back and forth over the end several times and then cut. This way you do not have to worry about having the exact size zipper.
    Name:  Attachment-170235.jpe
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Size:  60.0 KB

    Lay pocket on panel with zipper to the middle. Mark top of zipper with a couple of pins.
    Name:  Attachment-170236.jpe
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Size:  38.8 KB

    Now flip pocket over so it is over the part with the straps making sure zipper pull in on the bottom.
    Name:  Attachment-170237.jpe
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Size:  42.4 KB

    Sew along very edge of the zipper. Then flip it back over.
    Name:  Attachment-170238.jpe
Views: 606
Size:  38.4 KB

    After you flip pocket back over, finger press the zipper down and sew along it again. This will help it lay flat on the panel.
    Name:  Attachment-170239.jpe
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Size:  39.2 KB

    Now sew the three sides of the pocket to the panel.
    Name:  Attachment-170240.jpe
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Size:  45.3 KB

    Voila, zipper pocket is done. I know a lot of the zipper shows but I kinda like the color contrast. Maybe some day I'll figure out a better way, but for me this works.
    Name:  Attachment-170241.jpe
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Size:  43.4 KB

    Pin your straps out of the way or have Jack the Ripper handy.
    Name:  Attachment-170242.jpe
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Size:  56.8 KB

    Lay your 2 panels right sides together straps at the same end . Match straps together and sides of outer pockets together.
    Name:  Attachment-170243.jpe
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Size:  25.1 KB

    Sew around all sides leaving an opening for turning on side opposite of straps.
    Name:  Attachment-170244.jpe
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Size:  48.3 KB

    This part makes me cringe. Cut up what I just worked so hard to put together, but anyways, cut out a 1 1/2 in square from each corner.
    Name:  Attachment-170245.jpe
Views: 597
Size:  32.5 KB

    Open corners and match seams. Called boxing the corners.
    Name:  Attachment-170249.jpe
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Size:  53.4 KB

    Sew across the corners, all 4 of them.
    Name:  Attachment-170250.jpe
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Size:  37.0 KB

    Will look like this.
    Name:  Attachment-170251.jpe
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Size:  43.1 KB

    turn it right side out. May take a bit of wrestling but it can be done. Then unpin the straps.
    Name:  Attachment-170252.jpe
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Size:  57.7 KB

    turn raw edges of opening and whip stitch closed.
    Name:  Attachment-170253.jpe
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Size:  41.5 KB

    Fold at the middle and kinda work the lining down into place. Make sure corner line up with each other. You just kinda have to play with it to get it into shape.
    Name:  Attachment-170254.jpe
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Size:  48.1 KB

    After you have lining in place the way you want it sew around the top of the bag to keep it in place.
    Name:  Attachment-170255.jpe
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    And your all done. One quilted bag. On some of mine I put snaps as a closure. I use the kind that goes on like a grommet. Hope you all understand, any questions just PM me.
    Name:  Attachment-170256.jpe
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    My quilt police has been with me the whole time I have been posting this and is now tired and lying down for a nap.
    Name:  Attachment-170257.jpe
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    Thanks for the tut!! Will bookmark and try soon!!!

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    I will be making one this weekend! Great tut!!

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    Nicely wrote & explained! I am going to have to give this a try. Thanks!

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    Thanks for the great tutorial.

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    Great! Thanks... simple is good for me! I can do this! I'll use my own quilt inspectors for the final approval......

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    You did a fantastic job! Thank you!!! :thumbup: Can't wait to try it!!

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    Thanks for the tutorial. I'm going to make one this weekend.

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    You did a wonderful job on this with all the pics and directions. Thanks so much. I have heard(?)that stores are soon going to quit using plastic bags so perhaps we will need many of these for shopping.

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    WOW. thank you very much

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