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Dearest Rhonda,
You are a gem. Glad you are feeling better. DH got this Christmas Eve, gave him musinex and my backup Z Pack ( Zithromax) which takes about three to four days to kick in...it has worked and he was back to work the Friday after Christmas...still weak though. My Doctor says if you have a fever with this, the Z Pack will work on this illness. It is a virus that is mimmicking the flu....Doing a darn good job of that! He said it is airborne ( sneezing and coughing), and you can get it again. So please be careful with all of your sick little ones.

I was wondering, did you do pdf's on the Introduction and week #2? Thank you, for all that you have done and are providing to us novices out here. It has been so enlightening to follow your instruction.
Everyone seems to be back up and running again. Especially the kids! LOL They were throwing up one morning and the next morning they were bouncing off the walls! LOL Just a 24 hr bug thank goodness. But it is nasty while you have it.

Here is the link to the Electric Quilt section in Topics List. All the classes are there.

I am going to post a thread soon with all the PDF links in one place.