I'm not sure exactly what qualifies a machine to be either "vintage" or "antique." To me, vintage is anything that's not currently being sold; like the vintage clothing shops that sell clothes from 15-20+ years ago. I just needed more information about this one, and wasn't really sure where to put my question. I've tried to research it online without any luck whatsoever. I bought it because it's light weight and thought I could take it to workshops and to my church's charity quilting once a month. I've been taking my featherweights but they get pretty hard wear there and didn't want to wear them out sewing junky fabric with C & C thread.

This one came last week and so far sews so easily. It's fairly light-weight too. I was wondering if anyone possibly knew of a source so I could find out its age, especially. Thank goodness it did have a manual, but little more than that.
Thanks you to those who did respond and try to help me!!! I knew people on here would help if they could.