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Thread: Got my Grandma's treadle!

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    Mar 2012

    Got my Grandma's treadle!

    A couple of weeks ago, I was lucky enough to have my Grandma's Singer treadle sewing machine passed on to me. I'm sure it's not a fancy one, by the looks of it, but there's lots of memories tied up in it from my childhood. It's the only one she ever had, and my Mom learned to sew on it. Now I would like to find out how old it is, model, etc, as my my Mom doesn't know when Grandma got it. I know there have been other questions posted about how to find out these things, but I can't remember how to do it. Is there a web site that will tell me this, by entering the serial number from the little badge on the front? I'm also going to have to get a few parts before I will ever be able to try it out-but at least the wheels all move! Thanks much!

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    I'm glad for you - those machines are workhorses, and all the wonderful memories that are tied up in it for you are priceless! I'd google it - that's how I found out how to 'date' a Featherweight I'm going to look at this week to buy.

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    You can find the date on the Singer website.

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    Good for you! I inherited my great-grandmother' s (I called her Ma) Singer 66 in its original cabinet. When Ma passed it went to my grandmother (Nanny), my Mom has never liked to sew, so the machine came to me. I, like you, have such great memories of both Ma and Nanny sewing on it as well as them teaching me...and great memories are priceless! So, enjoy your machine and post pics if you can..there are some very knowledgeable and nice people here who can help you with questions.
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    Congrats on your treadle!

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    If there's any way you can post a couple of pictures when it arrives including the serial number we will help you with all the information you ever wanted.


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    How wonderful to get your Grandmother's Singer!!! Be sure and write a little history story to go with your machine. You could also put in a few pictures of your grandmother and also of you at the machine. You can go to mysingerstory.com and get a printable certificate stating that ***you*** own a Singer model >>>>>>> made in ???????? year. They are neat to have and I have one for each of my Singers except for my white/celery featherweight. A fire destroyed the serial number list for it.

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    I like this a lot better than Singer's site:

    Where Singer will tell you that a machine with serial number G2606143 that I have here is a 1913 model.
    Ismacs will tell you:
    G- 2584401 - 2609400 27 25000 January 6 1913 St. Johns

    Which means Serial numbers from G2584401 to G2609400 are model 27s and part of a batch of 25000 machines who's serial numbers were allocated on January 6, 1913 and built in St Johns, Quebec, Canada.

    The only gotcha on that site is make sure that you get the right number of digits. If I missed a digit (6 instead of 7), I could have mistaken it for a 15 made in 1910. Of course I know the difference, so I would have looked again, but for someone new to the old Singer models, it would be a fair mistake.

    Of course we all love pics too.
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    After a quick look at the Singer site, I think it may have been made in 1927. It is not a Red Eye, and unfortunately, it is very well used so some of the decals are worn off. Grandma used it to sew scraps to make rugs that she sold for many years. I need to learn how to post pictures so I can post some, and I will continue to search out info on my "new" machine. I don't think I have any pictures of Grandma using the machine. My biggest memory is sitting under the machine making the treadle move, which made Grandma nervous that I would mess something up on it!

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    Congrats! What a treasure!
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