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Thread: How many sewing machines is to many?

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    Super Member SteveH's Avatar
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    Oct 2012
    San Lorenzo, CA
    19th Century
    Elias Howe Model A - 1870
    Elias Howe Model A treadle - 1872
    Elias Howe Model B - 1879
    Singer Model 12 treadle - 1879
    Wheeler & Wilson 12W treadle - 1889
    Wheeler & Wilson #8 treadle - 1876
    Wheeler & Wilson #8 - 1874
    White Model A VS1 - 1876

    20th Century
    Frister & Rossmann handcrank TS - 1903
    Frister & Rossmann handcrank VS - 1928
    GE Sewhandy - ??
    Jones Medium - ??
    Necci BC - 194?
    New Ideal VS - ??
    Sew-Mor 202 - 195?
    Singer 28 Handcrank - 1906
    Singer 128 handcrank - 1914
    Singer 201-2 - 1960
    Singer 241-12 table electric- 1948
    Singer 29-4 Patcher - 1908
    Viking 1030 ZZ - 1972
    Viking 1040 ZZ - 1968
    Willcox & Gibbs Automatic - 1900
    Willcox & Gibbs Treadle - 1919 (for now, but going away)
    White 77 gorilla w/desk - 19??
    White Family Rotary - 1914

    Toy Machines:
    Singer Model 20 Handcrank - 1925ish
    Hamilton Ross electric - ??

    Parts machines:
    Singer 12 TS
    Gritzner TS
    Elias Howe Model A - 1876
    Wheeler & Wilson #9 - ??

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    Senior Member Sideways's Avatar
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    Feb 2013
    I don't there is such a thing as too many lol!!
    Never met a scrap of fabric or vintage sewing machine I didn't like!
    Many a lost and lonely vintage machine has found a home with me, 26 and------ uh oh lost count, who is counting anyway!


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    Senior Member
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    Feb 2011
    Firmly North Georgia
    Little brother and husband laughed at me for grumbling that someone here has 120 machines, I only have 16. No fair, one of them is a modern serger and 2 are from the 1970s. I get no respect!
    Life is made up of bits and pieces. You won't know how it'll turn out till its done.

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    Senior Member
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    May 2012
    Spring Hill, Tennesee
    So glad to see you back. We were worried and missed you a lot.

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    Senior Member
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    May 2012
    Spring Hill, Tennesee
    Guilty. I have two still in their bentwood cases that I haven't opened yet. One is a 66 Redeye, very old and another is what I think is a 99 from my Aunt. Lack of space is my main problem. When it gets warmer, I will take them out on the deck and beautify them. Can't wait. It is snowing today, and in middle Tennessee too. Some cherry trees are blooming and the daffodils are blooming. The maple trees are heavily budded. What happened to Spring?

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    Senior Member
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    Jun 2012
    Lets see how many I can list:
    1873 Domestic Treadle
    1940s Admiral (Japanese Clone made in Occupied Japan)
    1940s Ambassador blue Japanese 15 clone
    1950s Lenco Japanese clone
    1960s Singer 99K in cabinet
    1964 White Featherweight
    1948 Singer 201
    1953 Singer 201 Centennial badged
    1891 Singer 127 Treadle
    1904? Pfaff L Treadle
    ??? Singer 24 Treadle
    1917 Davis NVF Treadle
    ???? Davis treadle
    1915 National Vindex B Treadle
    1970s Dressmaker Zig Zag
    ???? White Rotary in Martha Washington Cabinet
    ???? Singer 15 Pheasant decals
    ???? Singer 66 Godzilla finish (Not keeping)
    ???? Singer 66 La Vincendora decals
    ???? Singer 15 Lotus decals
    1948 Singer 301 Mocha short bed in parlor cabinet (Was my grandmothers/mothers)
    1964 Singer 501A Rocketeer in cabinet (Was my grandmothers)
    ???? Singer 301 Black short bed portable
    ???? New Cottage in bentwood
    1905 White Family Rotary in portable case
    ???? Davis "Parisian" head only
    ???? Davis "Minnesota A" head only
    ???? Union Special blind hemmer
    ???? Singer industrial head only
    1970s Adler Belvedere heavy duty
    1950s Adler heavy duty
    1900s Wheeler Wilson #9 Treadle
    1900s White treadle
    1950s Pink Atlas
    1880s Wanzer Hand Crank
    ???? Jones Family HC (soon to be treadle)
    1970s Singer
    1970s Bernina
    ???? Singer 185k
    1900 Wilson Family Rotary
    1900s Free Westinghouse
    2 antique undated toy machines

    I can't remember anymore but thats only about half of them!

    Brand new Viking Designer Ruby
    1980s Brother serger
    1990s Babylock Quilter's Choice Pro mid arm

    Later this week I'll get the rest of the machines I'm planning to sell. There are a few 301s, an Elna Grasshopper, a couple of 15 clones, a vintage Necchi, a Kenmore, and probably 4 or 5 others I'm not recalling at the moment. I think there may be a rocketeer or two in there as well.

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    Super Member Sunflowerzz's Avatar
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    Sep 2013
    Far Northern California
    I started purchasing vintage machines last month in Sept. I now have 15 and 7 or 8 cabinets. I have started going through each one cleaning them up and then evaluating them to see which three or more? I want to keep for my various craft projects. I know a lot more now thanks to the peeps here and I am zero-ing in on the style I like and what I want each machine to do. I knew nothing last month and now I know just enough to be dangerous. LOL I could see myself keeping 30 or so around in various stages of repair, it's fun and it feels really good when one is finished and sparkly clean and you are the one that DID ALL OF THAT

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    Super Member Jeanette Frantz's Avatar
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    May 2012
    Charlee, you go girl! You and your husband are the ones buying and maintaining the sewing machines -- Just enjoy them -- that's no different than someone collecting stamps, coins, etc.!

    Jeanette Frantz

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    Junior Member heljoy50's Avatar
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    May 2011
    Queensland, Australia.
    I have 16 Vintage Singers and 1 New Century.

    Also modern machines-

    2 Husqvarna

    1 Pfaff

    1 Brother Innovis QC 1000 (my favourite modern)

    1 Janome serger

    1 imagine Wave serger (favourite)

    1 Janome Cover Pro 1000CP

    I am always told I have too many, especially the Vintage Singers "that belong in the rubbish dump" !! But Machine Collecting is no different to any other Collection hobby!

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    Super Member amyjo's Avatar
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    Feb 2011
    North Dakota
    Blog Entries
    If I could find a Bernina for that price I wouldn't even think twice about it following me home, it would be in my arms and carrying it out the door as fast as I could walk. I have lots of machines--hubby doesn't even know about some of them. lol he did buy a lot of the Singers that are out in the bus waiting to be worked on. I have rehomed 4 of those and also a 301 that I bought for a friend of mine in CO. I sent her a care pkg last week and another care pkg that she got today with the machine and some more fabric. I also have my SS pkg ready to be mailed I think tomorrow--so going to tease her, but also to make sure she gets it with time to spare.
    I have 2 FW's, 2 301A's, 2 Singer Stylist 533's, 1 Brother industrial, 1 juki serger industrial, 1 singer serger, 1 babylock serger, 1 singer spartan, 1 15-91, 2 or 3 singers can't remember the #'s for, 1 Dressmaker, another German made machine I forgot the name for, and about 14 or 15 singers out in the bus that were from a school they got rid of, I have a Futura II, a Husqvarna Rose embroidery machine, my little 128 hand crank, my singer sphinx that I will turn into a handcrank, also last but not least the machine I got from Steve H for decoration. 21 that work and the rest need some work on them.
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