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Thread: Singer 201

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    May 2012
    Small town in south west VA.

    Singer 201


    I purchased bobbin #66 (metal), and it will not fit in my machine. My husband researched this machine that belonged to his mother and it is a 201. I got the bobbins from sewingpartsoline. Any suggestions? Thank you for any help. I have been dying to try this machine. Finally got it oiled and greased. My mother-in-law oiled it religiously when she used it.

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    How does it not fit? I have a 201 and it takes class 66 bobbins. Sometimes the newer reproduction bobbins are slightly off. Try a genuine vintage 66 bobbin and see if that is the problem.
    Shelbie from the High County in Southern Ontario

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    See my answer in your other thread.


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    201s use a class 66 bobbin. I had that problem with FW bobbins and there was thread wound around the hook. It works with the bobbins now. A lot of people don't like plastic bobbins,l but I find them quieter in the 201. Inquire of a good sewing machine repairman. He may have the answer.Ask your supplier if they have an answer.
    Donna Quilts
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    My 201 only likes vintage class 66 bobbins. I tried some of the brand new bobbins and had nothing but problems; also the hole in the middle of the bobbin was too small to fit the bobbin winder. Does your machine look anything like mine?
    Can you post a picture of your machine?
    Sharon W.
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    I believe the 201 takes the same bobbin as the 221. It looks like a class 66 but it is narrower. I will dbl chek tonight as I have both but need to run to ds lacrosse game as soon as I post my querry. Best wishes, Cathy

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    The 201 takes a 66 class bobbin, definitely not the 221 bobbins.

    Mar, there are a couple of possibilities here:

    1. You received a faulty bobbin from Sewing Parts Online.
    2. It's possible that your husband may have mis-researched and your machine may not be a 201 at all.

    If it's #1, I'd recommend ordering class 66 bobbins from a trusted source like Jenny at Sew-Classic, whom I believe tests the bobbins after receiving them from the wholesaler.

    #2 is more common than you'd think. Sometimes people read the serial number wrong, or read it off of the motor plate rather than the badge on the bed, or find a manual with the machine that is actually a manual for a different machine. I've seen all three things happen. The most sure-fire way to determine what model you have is to post a picture of the machine here, and one of the serial number plate, so you've got multiple eyeballs on it.

    hope that helps,
    - Rain

    Vintage Singer Sewing Machine Blog

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    thank you all so much for all the helpful suggestions from all of you. I was able to post a picture, it was on the second page of this post. Let me know what you think. By the way, I posted under Mar, I was reading this using my iPad and forgot I would show up as Varese!
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    Senior Member greywuuf's Avatar
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    Getting just a little scattered, but yes I found your other thread and that certainly looks like a 201.
    I think jmiller (joe) posted some Idea's in that thread. Certainly the cheapest and most likely "out of spec" part would be the bobbin.
    Class 66 bobbins should be cheap and plentiful. I would follow other recommendations and try some quality bobbins, and of cour make sure your machine is clean.

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    My 1956 201 and both 1927 Redeye treadles cannot use the modern 66 class metal bobbins. Strangely enough the plastic 66s work just fine. Sew-Classic gave me that tip and assured me their metal bobbins would fit when she gets them in stock again. Anyway, the new bobbin's diameter is too wide and won't even drop into the case. The two vintage bobbins I have work perfectly. Now if only I could find a source for vintage bobbins.
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