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15-91 different than a 201 or 201-2 >

15-91 different than a 201 or 201-2

15-91 different than a 201 or 201-2

Old 12-20-2013, 05:43 AM
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Default 15-91 different than a 201 or 201-2

Could someone please tell me if the harp measurement is larger on the 201-2 than it is on the 15-91?
Was thinking about getting one to put on my quilting frame.
The 15-91 in only about 4 1/2 by 6 3/4 my viking is much larger but I think the quilting is harder and dustier work, than just regular sewing. The older sewing machines are much easier to keep clean and no computer or timing problems to worry about.
I really love my 15-91 and use it all the time.
Also could someone please tell my where I mite find a hopping foot and a walking foot to fit a 15-91?
Thank you for any and all help. Monica
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Old 12-20-2013, 06:31 AM
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I would think that you would only want a 15-91 for FMQ because it's the only one that I know of that you can drop the feed dogs. I don't think you can drop them on a 201.

I bought the darning foot and walking foot at sew-classic.com. I haven't looked for a hopping foot but if they are out there, I bet sew-classic will have them.

I used to do all my FMQ on my fancy, newer, expensive Viking but have found that my 15-91 does a much better job. For some reason, the Viking would push the fabric and I would get tucks no matter how I changed the settings. I don't have that problem with the 15-91.... it sews perfectly every time. And, I get more even stitches, too. I'm sure others will hop on here and give their opinions, too.
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I just measured my 201 and it is 7 3/4" from the needle hole to the machine post and it is 5 1/2" high making it a little larger than yours. I know I can get a queen sized quilt through this space much easier than on my Janome 6500 as the available space on my 201 is much more rectangular. You definitely can drop the feed dogs on the 201. There is a huge screw on the underside that lets a bolt slide over and then you tighten the screw again. It's just a matter of flipping the head back and adjusting the screw to the correct position. The 201 has a top loading drop in bobbin but it holds a lot of thread and I haven't found it or the tension an issue to machine quilt. I have a short shank walking foot and a darning/FM foot for my machine. It's fast, powerful and just sews! I originally bought it to mend heavy farm overalls and coveralls and found out I could use it to quilt too. It's a great machine.
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You really don't want a drop in bobbin on a frame. This is why all long arms are vertical bobbin systems. Drop ins are harder to get to than a vertical bobbin (think of a quilt on top of the machine on a frame). And many will tell you the tension will be easier to get right on the 15 type bobbin assembly. I have a 301 set up on mine currently and when it warms up I plan on putting my 15 on it.
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Originally Posted by nanna-up-north View Post
I would think that you would only want a 15-91 for FMQ because it's the only one that I know of that you can drop the feed dogs. I don't think you can drop them on a 201.
For a machine on a frame, if you had a machine you liked, but it didn't drop the dogs, just remove the dogs. Lots of people do this, and it's usually just 1 or 2 screws.

I agree with Candace though, I wouldn't want to change the bobbins under the sandwich on a horizontal bobbin machine.
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Thanks for correcting me, Shelbie. I don't have a 201 so I've not worked with one much. My DGD has one but I've only cleaned it up for her.... haven't had a chance to do anything with it..... since she lives hundreds of miles away.
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According to my experience with several 201s, you do not want to try to fmq with it. (And I do like 201s.) It does not do well at all and untangling the mess in the bobbin area can be difficult. Stick with the 15-91; you'll be happier. From time to time, I hear of someone who can fmq on their 201, but hundreds of times, I've known people who do quilt on their 15-91s, and/or put them on frames. The 15-91 is much better choice. Best of all for fmq, though, is the Singer 301. It has a vertical bobbin, like the 15-91, and that is important for fmq. 201s have a horizontal bobbin. 201s are fine for straight line quilting with a walking foot, but so are the other two mentioned. In my experience, 201s like only thread that is 50 weight or thinner, and most of quilting thread is 40 weight, which makes my 201s choke.
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