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Hello Quilters!!!
I have decided to do a Dear Jane Swap since, I am aware some of you have showed an interest. This swap is open to all who want to participate. It is a bit different from my other swaps since we will need to have access to the book, CD, rulers, fabric and such.

Okay this is the way it is going to work:

1.It is a 6 month commitment starting August 2008 thru February 2009. Deadline to signup is July 1st. Please PM me with your general information name, and email address so I can start forming a list.

2. Many of the blocks are difficult to make and will challenge your skills especially since they only measure 5 inches unfinished. Methods that will be used are appliqué, paper piecing and precise piecing.

3.I will form one or two groups depending on the response I get from all of you. Number per group to be determined .

4.Each person gets to pick the block they want to make for each group member. For ex: I pick block g-2 and make a block for each person in my group either in civil war fabric or other color chosen by person to recieve the block.

5.Each member gets to pick the color scheme they want their blocks to be made in. For example: I want mine to be in any color but in civil war fabric or you can chose that you want yours on muslin background with different shades of blue.

6.After the 6 months all blocks will be mailed to me w/ a self addressed envelope and postage so that you get the blocks made for you back. The reason for doing it this way is for accountability reasons. I do not want anyone left without blocks at the end.

**If you have any more questions just Pm me(Bebe) and I will back with you.

**The reason I am asking you to sign up now is so you will have time to gain access to your main supplies. If you do not know where to obtain your supplies let me know and I can help you locate them.

So let’s get ready to have some fun and start working on our Dear Jane quilt!!!!!!

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