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From experience with crayola markers and colored pencils getting on the girls clothes (which happens A LOT!!) I found a trick right here on the handy dandy internet. If you run the area under cold water if washable marker/pencil or warmest water fabric can tolerate with permanent marker/pencil until the water runs clear...then use cotton balls to saturate the spot with denatured alcohol. The alcohol evaporates as it dries, taking the remaining color with it. I know this sounds like a feet with a quilt...but...they have gotten these things on sheets, blankets, comforters big comforters (they like to draw while laying on their beds) I use a clean white wash cloth to saturate the area with clear water then do the alcohol thing. It has yet to fail me. I do however do a test area in an non-noticable place to make sure of color fastness before I treat the colored spot. I would hate to have comforters and such with big white or faded spots in the middle!! This works absolutely Wonderfully on their outfits!! I've gotten black sharpie out of a white shirt with this method!!
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