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I think you will like it. I love it. I haven't done any really challenging pieces yet but I will when I start my Crown of Thorns quilt. I have heard some quilters say paper piecing is cheating, If so than just calle me "cheater". Carol Doak has a number of paper piecing books and they come with a CD. All the patterns are downloaded to your computer. You just click the one you want, what size square you want, how many and print. One lady told me she goes to the local newspaper office and buys (or they donate, not sure) the left over paper they use to print the news on. This would be the end rolls that aren't big enough to print any news on. She cuts to fit her printer and then prints her pattern. I buy mine. My hours of work don't orrelate with the newspaper office.
Good luck again I think you will like it.
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