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I have used several different types of glue, water soluble for appliques. It is great. The glue lasts for at least a week, maybe longer, I like to complete projects!) and washes out with the first wash. I have no problem with doing machine applique on the projects even with the clear thread.

Glue Baste is a liquid and you only use a drop every few inches, like tacking a seam.
Glue stick is an instant basting adhesive, (Collins) and is easier to use for me. Our instructor uses any school glue stick that is water soluble EXCEPT the one that is made in China. Having a Senior Moment now and don't remember what it does to the material, but it isn't good.
I actually enjoy appliques now.
The applique book we used in class is, "Piece by Piece" by sharon Schamber and Cristy Fincher.
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