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I am making Trevor a Van Halen themed crazy patch quilt. Van Halen has been his all time favourite band since he was a teenager. I took a number of photos of the band and photos of Trevor and his buddy who went to their Renunion Tour in Toronto and put them on the Avery photo transfer paper. I tried using the ones that came from the quilt shops and are printed right on the fabric themselves, but my printer wouldnt' allow it. Most of the time, the fabric transfer paper kept jamming or wouldn't even go through the printer. Finally I had to resort to the photo transfer paper from Avery. It is also used for t-shirts and tote bags. But it HATEs HATES HATES the iron!!!! I placed a photo on each 14" square piece of muslin that I used for the foundation of my crazy patch blocks and just made sure the iron didnt' touch the photo. Otherwise it would melt :( I just hope that it withstands a washing machine down the road when I have to wash the quilt from time to time. I have put alot of work into this project already and still have lots to do to complete it. I would hate to have it ruined!!! :(
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