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I got this pre-printed whole cloth from The Stencil Company. They were at the Vermont Quilt Festival. I had never seen so many stencils together. I found this one in a discounted bin and got it for $2 or $3 because the color is discontinued. I first used two layers of fabric to do the embroidery details. I did that free hand. Then I added the batting with water soluble thread. I used wool batting, and this is the project that smelled like a wet animal. I cut the batting on the back and then placed over another layer of batting and backing fabric. I quilted around the embroidery designs and they really popped up. I soaked and it dried faster than I was expecting. I started this on Sunday night and binded it by machine tonight.

This was done with the Madeira threads I got from another board member. Real beautiful threads.

Measures 14 x 14

Petals detail

Leaves and steam details
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