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Someone asked for the instructions how I made my crayon tote, so here they are. If you have any trouble understanding it, let me know. I'm not the best at writing instructions.

*Please don't post these instructions on other boards.* Post the URL only, thanks!

Materials you will need:

Fabric for outside case
Fabric for inside lining (case)
Fabric for inside pockets
Fabric for handles
Ultra firm stabilizer
Thread, pins, scissors, or rotary cutter, marking pen (erasable or air dry)
Coloring book

Cut 1 piece of outside case fabric and 1 piece of inside lining fabric, and 1 piece of ultra firm 13w X 22h

Cut 2 pieces of fabric and 1 piece of ultra firm for large pocket 13wX 11h

Cut 2 pieces of fabric and 1 piece of ultra firm for small pocket 13w X 3-1/2h

Cut 2 pieces of fabric 2-3/8w X 16 long and 2 pieces of ultra firm 1w X 16 long for the handles.


Fold inside case lining in half to find the center and mark it with erasable or air drying pen. Now mark inch on each side of the center line, and draw a line width-wise. Set aside.

Next, take your large pocket piece (13 X 11) and your ultra firm (13 X 11) and place fabric right sides together with the ultra firm on top and stitch 3/8 across width-wise on both ends. Now turn right side out and set aside.

Do the same thing as the large pocket for the small pocket.

Now iron the pockets you just made.

Next, place the piece of ultra firm (13 X 22) and the inside lining piece together, with the fabric right side up and the ultra firm under it. Place one end of the large pocket piece on top and 3 inches below the center line you marked on the lining piece.

Now mark your lines on the pocket piece the same as you did on the inside lining piece and stitch across width-wise (thru the ultra firm, lining and pocket) . You should have 2 stitched lines on your large pocket that will be way off center. Dont worry, its supposed to be that way.

Next, measure 2- inches above the shorter pocket and place your small pocket there, and stitch across the bottom only, width-wise (I stitched a double seam).

Now, stitch a inch seam on the sides to hold the pockets in place.

For the width for the crayons to fit into, I measured 1- inch intervals evenly spaced with my marker on both the small pockets and stitched a line where I marked it, securing at ends by backstitching. I used the real fat crayons, so if you use the regular sized crayons, it will probably be 1 inch instead of 1- intervals.

Okay, now place your lining piece with your pockets on it, on top of your outside piece with the right side of the fabric facing down and the pocket piece facing up. Stitch a all the way around. (I used a walking foot)

Cut 3 strips of binding fabric (of your choice), 2- w X 44 long. Or you could use binding tape. Stitch the strips together as you normally would and bind around the piece.

Now for the handles, fold each piece of fabric in length-wise and stitch a 3/8 inch seam. Turn right side out and thread the ultra firm thru it. Fold under each end 3/4 inch and stitch in place where you want the handles to be.

Lastly, sew Velcro on both ends next to the handles on inside.

* If you want to embroider on it like I did, I shortened the outside piece by 7- inches and replaced it with my embroidered piece.

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