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Originally Posted by beachlady
You know you are a quilter when the nurse is taking off threads off your pants in the examing room....boy was I embarassed.

You know you are a quilter when you are on vacation and on a super highway and there is a sign for a quilt shop and you make DH get off at the next exit to look for the store. An hour or more gone from the day's drive.

You know you are a quilter when UPS delivers a package and DH just assumes it is fabric. He is surprised sometimes when it is medications.

You know you are a quilter when you have to sneak fabric into the house, so DH doesn't kow how much you actually spend on fabric.

I so have been there. My husband uses the lint roller on me before we go anywhere because I have thread hanging.

I use to hide fabric in the bottom of my trunk until I was alone at the house and then I would unload the car.
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