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WE have been camping every year for 38 years, Will be leaving again this weekend. I had 5 boys and now the 4 grands come camping. What a blast! I have to tell you tho the most memorable are the worst ones, Rain for 9 out of 11 days, skunks in the tent and me 8 months pregnant, (I am known as the skunk lady at the campground now!!), Tornado's Flooding, Heavy rains and high winds, rescuing other peoples boats from blowing away, Tents blowing down while us parents partied and the kids slept!! They sure are good memories!! Do we remember the trips that went smoothly? Nope, not sure there wasn't at least one thing to remember about each one. This year we can not get out pop up camper to go up!!! GRRR one corner is stuck and refuses to go all the way up. So we may be back to the tent. I do not mind the tent in fact I prefer the tent. it is just all the extra stuff I have to put in the van that is packed in the camper. We bought a pop up so we wouldn't have to pack all the pots, pans and paraphernalia that you need to haul. I do NOT allow a radio either! I love the quiet relaxing atmosphere and a good book! Wait, did I say quiet? With the 4 grands there is no such thing! LOL
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