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Hi Cissy, you sure got a list there :wink: I'll help where I can

1: English Paper Piecing is hand piecing where your fabrics are basted over paper shapes cut to the correct size, then whip stitched together. Paper piecing also called Foundation Piecing to differentiate it from the other method, is sewn with a machine using pre drawn lines on paper or other foundation material to stitch along.

2: Needle turn applique is where a freezer paper template is ironed to the right side of your fabric and cut out leaving a small seam allowance, then the seam allowance is turned under with the needle as you hand applique the shape to your background. I can never get that seam allowance to go where I want it to :? so I use a slightly different method, where the freezer paper is ironed to the back of the fabric and the seam allowance is basted over the paper shape, then hand appliqued to the background, not sure what that is called :lol:

3: Sorry can't help with this one

4: A serger is an overlocker

BTW; It's nice to meet you :D
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