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Originally Posted by retrogirl02
Welcome. The ladies of the board provide a wealth of information and I have learned so much since joining in May.
I believe most of your questions have been answered. I have had some training from my mom who always taught me to use cotton threads and cotton material for piecing. The reason for this is that when you use a similar weight thread, there is little pulling on fabrics over time. When the poly threads are used and with primarily cottons, it is believed by some quilters that this leads to pulling which can tear your quilt as it ages. Not sure if that's true, I've only been quilting 3 years but to be on the safe side, I only use poly blends for toddler blankies that aren't meant to last forever. Hope this helps.
Happy sewing!
Thanks for your insight. I started quilting 3 years ago as well. When I first started quilting I read somewhere that you should only use cotton fabric and cotton thread, so that is what I have done so far. I picked up a cone of poly serger thread at Joanns because it was so inexpensive. I'll probably use it for the charity quilts that I make. They are primarily for babies and children and not meant to last. Thanks again!
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