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Originally Posted by k_jupiter

2.) Got two blocks done on my Flying Geese Quilt. With the method I am using, you start with a rectangle and two squares, sewing them together on the bias, then trimming the extra triangles off. Works well, my points are almost perfect. As I finished each Goose, I unpinned the remainder triangles and piled them up. Duh! Leave the suckers pinned and sew your 1/4 inch line down the bias. HST already lined up and conveniently in the size I need for some border motif.

tim in san jose (one block at a time)
Duh! A little too late in the project I realized you don't cut the triangles off and then sew down the bias! You sew the first line (for the Geese) then you sew a parallel line 1/2 inch away. Cut the point off then halfway between the sewn lines. You have your HST DONE.


tim (wastin time on a Friday afternoon) in san jose
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