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problem #1: you bought the fabrics anyway thereby validating the clerk's faulty process and poor customer service.

problem #2: you did not take the opportunity to ask for a manager who would most likely have fixed the probem on the spot.

problem #3: if all you do now is complain here, their management still doesn't know what happened and has no opportunity to make things right with you and for future customers.

when we encounter situations like this, we should take the time to at least try to be part of the solution. otherwise, we become accomplices and help perpetuate the problem.

take photos of the faulty cuts. send a calm, factual letter to the highest level management address you can find for the store. provide as many details as possible. in the unlikely event they do absolutely nothing to make it right, then - and only then - you can accurately accuse them of not caring about the quality of their service or their customers' needs.
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