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Hi all- read the earlier post about people thinking it may be this board they got a virus from. This is not intended to start a panic just a "beware"

This am I clicked on a pm and immediately got a pop up saying I had viruses and trojans etc. along with the pm. it said to click here to check my computer, it looked official and looked like it came from my computer as to format

I did what my dear computer nerd taught me when I had a similar thing happen in 08 -except I fell for the bogus warning and clicked-what a horror as I had to have my whole computer redone. I x'ed out of the board so fast and the pop up disappeared too.

I immediately did 2 in depth scans- all came out clean. I reset my computer to 2 days ago and rescanned just to be sure and I am clean still.

So I do not profess to understand computers but please take heed and never click a virus/trojan warning that you have not initiated yourself. That is how those Antiviruses got spread. When you get such a pop up:
Do a full scan that you begin yourself through your computer safeguard system.

Isn't it a shame that some people are so mean spirited that they try to ruin something for everyone else?
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