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I've never seen one like this before but I do think I understand how the "workings" operate.
It would be similiar to Mrs. Grace, the big floor frame I am stitching the Sunbonnet on, except Mrs. Grace has spring loaded rails w/"wheels" to roll forward.

There are 4 rails, right?
1.The very back rail (left side) is for the batting.
2.The 2nd rail up from the back (barely visible in the top px) is for the top.
3.The 3rd railing (almost middle) is for the backing.
4.The last rail, bottom front) is for all of them to come together.
Is this correct?

So when you roll the quilt to move to the next area, you will need to unroll a bit off each rail & let hang. Then get to the front rail & roll forward.
Is this anywhere correct because I am guessing by just looking?

This is an interesting design!

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