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I like to use John James #11 or Roxanne #11. Both work fine for me because this size is a little stronger than the #12 and don't bend so quickly.
The thread I prefer is YLI, but I have also used King Tut of Superior Threads and GŁtermann. Valdani is also good when you love varigated threads.
It's always a matter of personal choice which tools and material you use. Everyone has different preferences, every quilter guides the needle in a different way when hand quilting or uses special techniques and notions. Some love to use a thread with exactly the same shade of color than the fabric has, others prefer varigated thread or some shades darker or lighter. We don't have some brands here in Germany like you all have in USA!
I am very eager to try out different threads and different needles also, so I can find out what works best for me.
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