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I have the McKim Farm Life patterns if your interested.

McKim Farm Life Quilt by Ruby Short McKim from 1930 Kansas City newspaper with 26 designs. These are “photo copies” of the original newspaper patterns. Each pattern is designed to be traced onto a 9” square of fabric. The designs can either be embroidered in simple outline stitch, or you can appliqué or paint them. With each design there are color suggestions. Patterns include: Farm House; Tractor; Old Apple Tree; Well Filled Barn; Faithful Dobbin (horse); Friendly Cow; Lamb or Sheep; Donkey; Pig in the Sty; Billy the Goat; Loyal Shep (dog); Family Cat; Struttin’ Rooster; Busy Hen; Goose in the Pond; Turkey; Barn Pigeons; Greedy Duck; Real Fishing (boy); Butter from the Churn; Farm Flowers (w/girl); Scarecrow; A Harvest Field; Old Oaken Bucket; Farm Music (Owl & Frog); Fence Border; & Farm Quilt Quilting Pattern. $10.00/set
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