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I'm sure we all look for the best deals to make our dollars stretch (forget food, we need FABRIC!). :lol:

Just recently I went to JoAnn's with coupon in hand to get some Insulbrite. Mind you I've bought it twice in the past and since we moved I haven't come across it. Anyway, it's regularly priced at $6.99 a yard here. I bought a yard and a half. It was 10.49 w/o the coupon.

So last week I'm driving around with a friend in an area that I don't normally go in and lo and behold----it's a Hobby Lobby!!!! I never even heard that one was coming let alone here. Oh well, it's a big town. I went yesterday evening for the first time. I about fell over when I looked at their Insulbrite----ready for this----2.49 a yard!!!

Was in JoAnn's too earlier in the day. Didn't pay attention to what they were but saw the sign above, $14.00 a panel. Yep, it's all going up I know. Thankfully it's not something I'm needing to get as it sure would hurt the wallet for that price.
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