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Originally Posted by reglow

My mom and I are starting a quilt. My has made some small ones a long time ago, but have decided to do this one together. We were looking at quilt frames and she likes the Fan Design type. My son says has no problem in making this but is needing some demensions. Was wondering if anyone had the deminsions?

What my mom likes about this is that when not in use, it can be easily stored and doesn't take up a lot of room when using. I was so hoping to get the deminsions and my son make so I could give to her on her birthday which is the day after Christmas. Right now we are working on our blocks and setting up the design we want to use, so by the time the first of year gets here we will be ready to quilt.

This is so interesting as never done anything like this and I so excited. Hope someone can help us out.

Thanks, Reggie
If you type "fan design quilt frame" into the search engine up top, about four or five down, click it and it shows you a great picture of the quilt frame in question. You may get enough info there to make it, or, google " fan designed quilt frames", quite a few sites come up and maybe one will be of help. I hope this is helpful. Good Luck and post pictures if you get it made.
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